Adam Busby Shares Tender Pic: Is That Ava Or Olivia?

Adam Busby- Instagram

OutDaughtered cast member, Adam Busby loves to show off his adorable quints with his fans. He does his best to find the most tender moments. In fact, recently he shared a new photo on social media, and it captured a great moment. The moment was so cute, in fact, that it had some fans confused as to which quint was in the picture, Ava or Olivia?

Fans Confused By Adam Busby’s Photo

The Busby quints basically grew up on OutDaughtered and when the Busbys stopped doing the show, their fans were heartbroken. Fans loved watching their adventures and watching them grow up. It is a lot of work though. With the girls all getting older and interested in sports and other activities, it was hard to keep filming too. However, Adam Busby still does his best to capture cute moments with the girls.

Adam Busby- Instagram
Adam Busby- Instagram

In his most recent Instagram post, he shared a photo of one of the quints holding a duck. He captioned it, “I always call the girls my little ducks.” Of course, fans were quick to jump in and try to guess which quint this was. Most of them guessed Olivia, but others said it was Ava. Fans asked him for a hint as to which quint this was, but he never gave up the answer.  There were also fans that asked when there would be another season of the show.

Of course, Adam Busby never really replied to any of the questions about the new season or if there would ever be one.

Will There Be A New Season?

Fans of OutDaughtered are always asking the Busbys when they will have another season. They fell in love with their story and just can’t wait to see more of it. It turns out that there have been cameras in their house again! From the looks of it, there were also cameras in Danielle Busby’s boutique. Does this mean that a new season is coming to fans?

Busbys- Instagram
Busbys- Instagram

The last time that we saw the Busbys on the show was in February of 2021. Fans thought for the longest time that TLC had canceled the show, but it turns out that the Busbys needed the break. The family talked to fans about how they were not on bad terms with the network, they just needed to focus on their own lives for a while. There have been a lot of hints that they would be back though. Of course, fans are ready for them to make the announcement.

Do you think that Adam Busby and OutDaughtered will be back soon? Would you like to see more of the quints? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered.


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