‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby & Family Filming Again, See Pic

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OutDaughtered fans everywhere are rejoicing after learning everyone’s favorite TLC family is filming again. Turns out, Instagram influencers Crystal & Trey McDonald created some noise that bled over to Reddit celebrating the family was filming again.

A photo, which Crystal and Trey shared on their Instagram Stories, got reshared on Reddit. The photo revealed the Graeson Bee Boutique filled with a filming crew. Had the Busby family finally started filming a new season of OutDaughtered? Was this the moment fans have been waiting for?

'OutDaughtered' Busby Quints/Instagram

When did the last season of the TLC series happen?

OutDaughtered first made its debut on TLC on May 10th, 2016. The series aired Season 8 in February of 2021. Sadly, this means it’s been nearly two years since a new episode of the series aired. Fans had all but assumed the series had been canceled after being off the air for so long.

Adam and Danielle Busby did take to their YouTube channel to reassure fans the show had not been canceled. They just decided to take a break from filming. Adam and Danielle reassured fans they were still on great terms with TLC. Since releasing that video, Adam has enjoyed teasing and hinting at a new season on Instagram more than a few times.

Outdaughtered - Adam Busby - Danielle busby Youtube
Outdaughtered – Adam Busby – Danielle busby Youtube

Are the OutDaughtered Busbys filming a new season?

So, are the Busbys filming a new season of OutDaughtered? Sadly, this photo (which you can see down below) gave fans of this series a bit of false hope. Turns out, the production crew was for something unrelated to the series. As Danielle has mentioned on Instagram a few times, the Graeson Bee Boutique is currently preparing for its annual fashion show. As some fans will recall, last year was the first year Adam and Danielle put on a fashion show for their clothing boutique and it was a huge success for them.

Check out the photo that whipped fans into a frenzy down below:

Instagram - Reddit
Instagram – Reddit

Were you excited when you saw the Busby family surrounded by a filming crew? Are you yearning for a new season of this TLC series? Were you bummed to learn the filming crew was there for reasons unrelated to the TLC series? Let us know your answers in the comments section (found down below). And, keep coming back for more news on this precious family.

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  1. Of course I want the show to come back! I loved this family & extended family & it was by far the best show featuring a lot of kids. Hope their “break” soon turns into filming “OutDaughtered” once again

  2. I’m so excited to see this beautiful family coming back to our homes, I have missed watching them babies grow from birth young little ladies.
    Danielle and Adam you have to be so proud of your daughters, cause we sure are.
    Can’t wait for the family fun to begin…. Hopefully your familys will be brought back in as well.
    I’m awful on remembering names, but good looking hottie of a guy. The girls uncle we have see so much of sure hope he comes back🥰 I’m 73 but hey I’m not dead yet😀

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