‘The View:’ Ana Navarro Sings Wrong Lyrics To Eddie Murphy Song

Ana Navarro [Source: YouTube]

Ana Navarro sang the wrong lyrics to an Eddie Murphy song. She shocked fans and the panel when she made the blunder during a recent episode. Ana admitted that she got a “non-legal note” from the producers. Keep on reading to learn more.

Ana Navarro gets Eddie Murphy song wrong

Earlier this week, The View talked about Gwyneth Paltrow’s controversial interview in which she talks about her diet. She admits that she skips breakfast, eats bone broth for lunch, and only consumes vegetables for dinner. Ana Navarro was stuck on something else. She couldn’t believe that the actress admitted to “using ozone therapy rectally.”

The View Panel This Week [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
The Goop founder explained that she gets an ozone generator device up her butt. That’s when Ana said she felt more uncomfortable with that than with Gwyneth’s diet. Her co-host Sara Haines joked that she gets “a shining sun up [her] butt.” Ana asked the panel if they remember Eddie Murphy’s 1982 song “Boogie In Your Butt.”

However, she got the lyrics wrong. Ana Navarro sang: “Put a boogie up your butt. Put a bumblebee up your butt.” Moderator Whoopi Goldberg covered her mouth as she tried not to laugh. Her eyes flickered around at the panel. Whoopi sighed and admitted: “It’s a real song. And it’s funny as hell.”

Whoopi Goldberg Shook [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Fellow co-host Sunny Hostin corrected Ana. She shouted: “Put a boogie up your butt!” She got nervous during the racy conversation. Ana interrupted Sunny and admitted that she got a “non-legal note” from the producer that the song is called “Boogie In Your Butt.”

It’s a real song that was featured on Eddie Murphy’s first album. The song was inspired by his raunchy comedy bits. At the time, Eddie didn’t appear in Hollywood blockbusters at the time, but he achieved fame on Saturday Night Live. Surprisingly enough, the song chartered at #56 on the R&B chart when it was released as a single.

Embarrassing behavior on The View

This isn’t the first time that Ana Navarro has embarrassed fans. Ever since she came back to The View, she’s been making everyone cringe. Some even took to social media to beg her to “stop.” On Friday’s broadcast of the daytime talk show, Ana couldn’t stop name-dropping her famous friends.

It all started when the panel talked about their favorite mobile games. Joy Behar said she’s “addicted to Scrabble.” Ana Navarro shared some of her phone obsessions as well as her famous friends.

“Listen, I play Word with Friends with [tennis star] Martina Navratilova who…” Ana Navarro tried to explain.

Ana Navarro [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Joy interrupted her and said, “Of course you do. Of course, she does!” Ana explained that it’s something they’ve “been doing for years.” She bragged that Martina “has the same record with me that she does in Wimbledon.” The athlete is so good at it that she beats Ana every time.

Some of The View fans took to Twitter to react. They want Ana Navarro to stop “name-dropping her famous friends.” Some fans find it tacky and embarrassing. She’s done it countless times on the show.

What are your thoughts on Ana Navarro singing the wrong lyrics to an Eddie Murphy song? Do you think it was funny? Or, do you think it was cringe-worthy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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