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‘The View’ Ana Navarro Snaps Bed Selfie Amid Growing Concerns

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Ana Navarro sparked concerns among fans. The View co-host snapped a photo of herself in bed. Fans encouraged her to “slow down” after her intense schedule. Keep on reading to learn more and see the shot for yourself.

What happened to Ana Navarro?

Ana Navarro continues to spark concern among fans. It all started on Thursday, March 10 when she lay in bed with her dog. Ana held onto her pooch as she tried to muster a smile.

“This is one of those weeks,” Ana Navarro wrote in her Instagram post. “8 flights, 5 cities in 7 days. Got to sleep in my own bed with my husband and my puppy last night- the only night this week. Time to hit the road again. I don’t want to leeeeeave!!! 😭😭😭”

Ana Navarro & Whoopi Goldberg [Source: Ana Navarro - Instagram]
[Source: Ana Navarro – Instagram]
Fans flocked to the comment section to react. Most of them expressed concern for Ana Navarro. One fan asked: “Your [sic] not in control of your life???😢” Another wrote: “Glad you are home safe. God bless and keep you. 🙏

Fans were concerned about her busy schedule and told her that she does have choices. They’re worried about how it could affect her in the short run. Others took to the comment to remind Ana Navarro to get some rest during this time. They also want her to cut back on her schedule.

  • “Ana. I kind of worry about you and your crazy schedule! Maybe slow down a smidge? Teeny? “
  • “Maybe slow down a bit, for health’s sake. Don’t want you sick.”
  • “See if you can find a balance, it is hard to leave the ones you love.”
  • “Safe travels, rest when you can.”
  • “I don’t know how you do it!”

Ana returned with another concerning post. This time, she filmed herself laying in bed. The talk show host talked admitted that she’s “so tired” that she “can’t take my eyelashes off.” Ana shared that she had dinner at Vice President Kamala Harris’ house. The event reminded her to “work on alliances and being together and standing strong with each other.”

Ana Navarro Lies In Bed [Source: Ana Navarro - Instagram]
[Source: Ana Navarro – Instagram]

The View co-host shares her airplane diet

Ana Navarro has been traveling so much lately that she’s on an airplane diet. In January, she opened up about her weight loss. She took to Instagram to talk about the healthy food she ate on a plane. During that time, Ana spent 14 to 16 hours per week between her Miami home and The View in New York City.

Her schedule has gotten more intense since she became a permanent co-host in September 2022. During the flight, Ana Navarro eat a meal that included grains, greens, and veggies. She tried to avoid the temptations that lurk at the airport.

“One of the many little conscious life changes I’ve made to lose weight is to buy a salad at the airport or pre-order the healthy meal on American Air,” Ana Navarro said in the video. “Pre-ordering means I’m stuck with my choice and don’t fall into temptation. Truthfully, I don’t love it. I’ve also stopped drinking alcohol on planes. It adds up for me since I usually spend 14-16 hours a week on a plane.”

What are your thoughts on Ana Navarro’s concerning Instagram posts? Did her bed selfie surprise you? Do you agree that she needs to slow down? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. She knows her limit, let her live her life. As long as her hubby doesn’t mind, I’m sure her marriage will survive as well.

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