Josh Duggar Released Early: Why?

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Josh Duggar was reportedly released early! As Tv Shows Ace reported a little over a month ago, Josh Duggar was moved to the Special Housing Unit (SHU). It was later reported that Josh got busted for having a cell phone (contraband). In addition to being sent to the SHU, his release date was moved back as part of his punishment for being busted with a phone.

Multiple sources have now confirmed that Josh Duggar has been released from the SHU earlier than planned. What caused Josh to get sent back to gen pop (general population) early? Keep scrolling for the details.

Josh Duggar released early: Why?

The Ashley claimed to have it on good authority (an exclusive report) that Josh Duggar was released early from the SHU and sent back into gen pop on March 14th. Now, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball did call the outlet out on Instagram claiming the story was false as her source confirmed Josh was very much still in the SHU.

Josh Duggar - YouTube
Josh Duggar – YouTube

Just 24 hours ago, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball stuck to her guns claiming that she could exclusively report Josh Duggar was actually released from the SHU on March 23rd, 2023. Her exclusive report completely contradicting The Ashley.

In the comments, those who follow Duggar news were pretty split on which report to believe. But, the bottom line was Josh Duggar was released early from the SHU and was back in the general population.

Why was he released early?

Both sources confirm Josh was sentenced to 75 days in the SHU. He, however, was granted an early release because they had an overcrowding issue.

Per The Ashley, being in the SHU was undesirable for Josh Duggar as he had a transgender cellmate. As fans know, Josh’s family does not support the LGBTQ+ community. Moreover, other inmates claimed Josh’s cellmate was referred to as “Joe Dirty” because of his serious hygiene issues.

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ballhowever, also proceeded to poke holes in that claim stating that her sources argue it is Josh that other inmates complain about as having horrid hygiene.

Josh Duggar - Anna Duggar Instagram
Josh Duggar – Anna Duggar Instagram

Josh Duggar intimate with his cellmate?

Shockingly, there are also some reports coming out that Josh Duggar cheated on his wife Anna with a transgender inmate behind bars. Likewise, there have also been reports that Josh was using the phone he obtained to talk to a woman that was NOT his wife Anna. So, fans are questioning why Anna continues to stand by her man who now has multiple claims against him that he’s been unfaithful to her behind bars.

How do you feel knowing Josh Duggar was released from the SHU early because of overcrowding? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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  1. he’s a low life he’s not even considered a happily married man Anna needs to get on with her life

  2. He does not need to be left out early he he needs to do his time and serve his years in prison and he needs to
    Let Anna go make a. Life for her children josh made his life taking taking dirty pictures of children being raped and killed keep him in prison he will do it again

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