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Josh Duggar Finally Free: Living His Best Life?

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Disgraced reality TV star Josh Duggar is FINALLY a free man living his best life. Or, at least that’s what fans are thinking. As Tv Shows Ace recently reported, Josh Duggar’s prison release date got pushed back after being busted with a cell phone. Fans called him out for failing to keep his head down and speculated he isn’t interested in rushing home to his wife Anna and his seven children.

Speculating a bit deeper, fans believe Josh Duggar isn’t keeping his head down because he’s finally a free man that is living his best life. Fans don’t believe Josh Duggar ever wanted to be a married man with children. Behind bars, he’s surrounded by like-minded individuals and he isn’t stuck under the thumb of his mother and father.

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Josh Duggar finally free: Living his best life?

In response to one individual on Reddit calling Josh out for his failure to keep his head down, others speculated that Jim Bob’s son probably just enjoys being behind bars. Other individuals pointed out it was a little like he was “living in a dorm” with people he could relate to.

One fan added to the conversation: “Part of me wonders if Josh pulled this stunt deliberately. He definitely thinks he’s above the law but maybe he wanted to get himself the full sentence. Prison must be an escape for him from the family he clearly doesn’t give a d*mn about.”

Josh Duggar Mugshot, Washington County Sheriff's Office
Josh Duggar Mugshot, Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Another individual noted that they believe Josh absolutely loved prison.

A different fan agreed: “Why wouldn’t he? He’s in some dorm with other pervs, eating junk food, drinking prison hooch, and sharing p*rn*graphy.”

Other fans chimed in:

  • “He is probably living his truth 1,000 times more in prison than he ever has in his LIFE.”
  • “I’m sure he does love it. Tons of junk food from the commissary, and he’s away from Anna and the kids.”
  • “Honestly your probably right. No more pressure to provide for a family of nine, must be almost a relief.”
  • Anna Duggar - Instagram - Josh Duggar
    Anna Duggar – Instagram – Josh Duggar

No more pressure?

Behind bars, fans point out that Josh Duggar no longer has a responsibility to provide for his wife Anna, and his seven children. He no longer has to worry about following all of Jim Bob’s rules. Behind bars, fans believe Josh Duggar has blossomed and felt more freedom than he ever felt out in society.

The requestion is what happens when Josh Duggar does get out of prison. Does he just go back to his wife Anna and his children? Will Anna still be waiting for him? At the end of the day, fans believe Josh behind bars was a gift for both Anna and her children. And, they long for the day that Anna will leave him. However, because of her religion, fans realize that may never happen.

Josh Duggar - Anna Duggar Youtube

Do you think Josh Duggar is finally a free man living his best life behind bars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news on the Duggar family.

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  1. I think they are right. He’s already behaving “institutionalized.” That’s a very real thing. Convicts that realize prison is easier than their real lives so they do anything to stay. My guess? He’ll do something big, like attempted murder of another inmate right before he’s released or he’ll be released and do something to get sent back within a year. It’s not like he can have a come to Jesus moment and change. His whole life was come to (cult) Jesus moments (they have Kool aid) that never did him a lick of good. I HOPE and PRAY he never gets out.

  2. of course he’s happy in jail he’s in there with the rest of the prov. where they belong. as for his wife if she takes him back she stupid and the kids needs to be out of there

  3. A person that sexualy children should go to jail for life with no chance of parole. The victims will be affected for life.

  4. People that sexualy abuse children should to jail for life with no chance of parole. The children are affected for life.

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