Organic All-Natural Queen Audrey Roloff Gets Plastic Surgery?

Audrey Roloff- Instagram

Audrey Roloff from Little People, Big World has always shared with her fans that she believes in a more holistic lifestyle. She uses essential oils for sickness and is seldom seen talking about doctors. Furthermore, it turns out that she even drinks milk that is unpasteurized. Now it looks like some of her fans think that this all-natural queen may have had plastic surgery. Read on for more details.

Audrey Roloff And Natural Healing

In one of her most recent posts, Audrey Roloff was answering some questions from her fans. They poked about her favorite Roloff family member and health questions too. As she answered these questions from fans, one thing kept coming up. She looks a lot different than she has in the past. More so, the pictures from her Q&A session have surfaced on Reddit. Her followers were quick to start in on how different she looks these days.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

As soon as the post went up, there was a lot of debate on her all-natural ways. One Redditor wrote, “I cannot understand someone who won’t give their children Tylenol when they have a fever or take antibiotics but will put glue on their eyelids for fake eyelashes.” Another wrote, “I can’t stand people who give all the homeopathic meds to their kids instead of giving them something that works. If your kid is in pain, give them real pain relief. Don’t make them suffer for internet clout.”

Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

With all of these comments about her natural healing methods, there were also Redditors who felt that Audrey Roloff has had some plastic surgery done. By looking at her current photos, fans think that she is using filters or had something done to her face. Some fans pointed out that they think she has had some lip fillers, but wouldn’t that go against her all-natural beliefs?

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

Along with the comments about lip fillers, there were fans that pointed out that she made this video later in the day than she usually does. She has some different lighting and perhaps, she didn’t even use a filter. Could this be her real face? Audrey Roloff has been known to use filters on her Instagram posts and this has led fans to be concerned about how she really looks.

Would someone who is an all-natural diva be fine with adding lip fillers to her face? As her fans pointed out, she has done things to her face that really do go against these beliefs. Moreover, could she be using filters on her phone and that is why her appearance has changed?

What do you think about Audrey Roloff’s new look? Lastly, do you think that she has had plastic surgery? Let us know in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.

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