Audrey Roloff Reaches Breaking Point, Quitting Instagram?

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff might have reached her breaking point on social media which could result in her leaving Instagram. While the departure might just be a short break, it sounds like Audrey needs it.

Here is what Audrey Roloff said and why she might be leaving Instagram.

Fans troll Audrey Roloff Christmas decorations

Audrey Roloff - IG

Audrey Roloff posted a photo dump on Instagram but then she dropped some news that she was going to disappear from the platform for a while. This caused some fans to wonder why Audrey was leaving the platform, and the answer might have come from earlier photos Audrey posted on the site.

Those photos showed the giant Christmas tree in the Roloff home. While Christmas decorations and family photos are supposed to be a time of happiness, trolls online criticized the family instead. Someone posted a photo of Jeremy in front of the tree and then said it was clear he wasn’t happy.

One fan looked at the tree and responded, “The level of tackiness, I am here for it all.” Another wrote, “I can’t imagine how many bugs and rodents were in that tree. Ick. Hope to never see this hodgepodge of tree again.” A third wrote, “Okay I would not usually comment on someone else’s Christmas tree, but that star is horrible. It looks like his first draft.”

For a post with a happy Jeremy standing in front of the giant Christmas tree, the snark was strong with this group of LPBW fans.

Audrey Roloff IG Christmas

Audrey Roloff leaving Instagram

It seems that there gets to be a point where even reality TV stars may need to step away from social media to avoid all of the snark and non-stop trolls. Audrey said that she did the latest photo dump to remember all the “Christmas magic of these years when they are little.”

However, since it seems so many of the fans don’t care about Audrey or her kids, the trolls won’t stop.

“I always feel like I need to completely unplug and do some good thinking and praying and resting. So don’t be surprised if I disappear for bit for some off-line time,” Audrey posted in the caption of the photo dump. With that, she will likely take some much-needed time off and away from Instagram and the barrage of insults that comes on that platform.

Do people need to lay off reality TV stars like Audrey Roloff on social media? Is it better for them to leave social media than continue to let fans torment them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Sad people have to “personally be mean and cruel. Is it envy, jealousy? Beautiful, handsome hard working family. Put yourself in there shoe’s. They are a very wholesome, loving family. I feel there sincerity and closeness and caring. Folks just don’t follow if you need to be hurtful, cruel.

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