Audrey Roloff Throws Shade After Choosing Favorite Sister-In-Law

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, YouTube

Audrey Roloff, from Little People, Big World is known for her oversharing on social media. In fact, she often gets backlash from fans for this. These fans feel that she just has to highlight every moment in life and put it up for the world to see. Part of her oversharing includes question-and-answer sessions between her and her fans. In her most recent one, she was asked a very important question. After she answered, it looks like she threw major shade at Tori Roloff.

The Best Family Member According To Audrey Roloff

This week on Audrey Roloff’s Instagram account, she shared that a fan had asked her about who she was closest to in the Roloff family. She was quick to answer, “I am probably the closest right now with Isabel because Jake and Isabel live the closest to us so we see them the most. Zach and Tori and Molly and Joel live in Washington. But also Isabel and I, we just vibe on a lot of similar things, are into a lot of similar things, and she’s just very easy to talk to. And so I feel like we are the closest for that reason too.” Of course, as soon as her fans saw her answer, they were shocked! This made them curious if Tori and Audrey are still in a feud of their own.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

With all of the Roloff family drama, fans immediately thought that Audrey is more than likely keeping her distance from Tori and Zach. When her husband, Jeremy Roloff put in an offer on the farm, Zach did as well. Both brothers were denied by their father and this has really torn the family apart. Would this be the real reason she isn’t close to Tori anymore? This could have been the hint that fans have wanted all along.

Pushing Wellness And Remedies

One part of Audrey Roloff’s social media rants is all about natural healing and wellness. She has really started to push healing with essential oils. Audrey has also mentioned that her kids drink unpasteurized milk from local farmers. There is one thing that fans have noticed and it’s the fact that her kids are sick a lot. Some of them have pointed this out in the past and it turns out that Audrey just lets it blow over.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

Being on Little People, Big World may have gotten Audrey a lot of fame, but the most she shares on social media, the more her followers just shake their heads. She is very open about her lifestyle and it seems that she will continue to share every moment of her day.

Do you think that Audrey was throwing major shade at Tori Roloff? What do you think she should have said? We would like to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World. 

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  1. Good for her the best choice. Zach and his wife just want everything for free and not every work a day in their life.

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