‘LPBW’ Fans Beg Audrey Roloff To Give It A Rest

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Fans of the Little People, Big World family have a bone to pick with Audrey Roloff. In a post shared Monday on the show’s subreddit, people were complaining about the former LPBW star’s Instagram feed, specifically this one thing that she apparently shares to exhaustion. According to some folks, Audrey has a tendency to go overboard with the sunset/sunrise photos and it seems to be stepping on some toes. Keep reading to get all of the details and see what fans have to say.

The original post was shared by a Redditor known as “redheadedaries,” who appeared to be taking a dig at Audrey’s recent “golden hour” photos with hubby Jeremy Roloff on their anniversary. The Redditor even used the quote in the title to let everyone know exactly what was bothering them. Pretty soon, others jumped on the bandwagon and began criticizing Audrey for the same thing. People did not mince words and there were some intense feelings bubbling to the surface.

Is Audrey Roloff Posting Too Many Sunsets?

One quick look at her Instagram and you’re immediately greeted by a romantic snap of Audrey and Jeremy locked in a tender embrace at sunset. The pinned post from last September is followed by many others in the same vein. Her most recent ones show the Roloffs and their kids enjoying life on the farm. For instance, this is what she shared on September 21 to celebrate eight years of marriage. “No filters allowed for golden hour here,” she wrote in the caption.

Side-by-side romantic photos of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff at sunset.
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff celebrate eight years of marriage.
[Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram]
Just two days later, Audrey followed up with a video of her kids running in the field. As usual, the backdrop was a spectacular sunset. While these are all lovely family updates, the A Love Letter Life author sometimes makes posts just to show off the view. Plus, let’s not forget about her first professional photos with the kids on the new property, which were once again sunset-centered. “As you can see it’s truly magical at golden hour. What even is bedtime?!” she was saying on Instagram at the time.

Side-by-side screengrabs of Audrey Roloff's Instagram posts.
Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Reddit Is Not Happy With Audrey Roloff’s ‘Golden Hour’ Posts

It seems that fans have had a little too much of this running theme. Venting their frustration on Reddit, they took turns bashing Audrey’s “golden hour” aesthetic. Not before long, the floodgates opened and people started sharing everything that bugs them about Audrey. Read some of their comments in the collage below.

Reddit screengrab
Reddit is fed up with Audrey Roloff’s sunset pics.
[Credit: Reddit]
Among other things that fans took issue with was Audrey seemingly flaunting her blessed lifestyle, which people said was easy-earned and credited to her and Jeremy’s “well-off families.” Others confessed to being irritated when she downplays her home.

  • “I get pi**ed when she refers to their house as a ‘fixer upper.'”
  • “I don’t know why but this triggers me for some reason lol. Like it makes me want to rant why I dislike Audrey and Jeremy so much. I hope they are at least cognizant that both coming from such well off families have led them to have what they have. And I hope they are at least thankful.”

Getting back to her sunset posts, some Redditors clearly didn’t mean to be unpleasant and simply stated they were “trying to help her improve her Instagram.” But the OP was relentless and said: “I pretty much just hate follow her because she’s so ridiculous.” They added: “It’s like a trainwreck that you just can’t look away from lol.”

What is your take on all this? Do you think Audrey Roloff is posting too many sunsets or are you enjoying the content she shares? Let us know in the comments below.

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