‘Sister Wives’ Kody & Christine Brown’s Daughter Jetting To Paris

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Sister Wives cast members, Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter is headed to Paris. She is going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip and is over the moon about this. Yet, which daughter is it and who is she taking on Paris with? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown’s Daughter Jets To Paris

Aspyn Brown is the eldest daughter of Kody and Christine Brown and now she is going to Paris. She has been living in Utah with her husband, Mitch Thompson for some time. They have quite a following on social media, even though they do not post very often. It was shocking for fans to see this new post from Mitch. More so, he hasn’t shared anything about their life in a few months. He shared this week on Instagram a photo of the two of them on a plane. He captioned it, “We’re off to Paris!” As soon as his fans saw this post, they were quick to tell them to have a great time! There were a few fans who questioned them going since there are riots going on there right now. Nonetheless, Mitch and Aspyn looked thrilled to be on a plane heading to Paris.

Mitch Thompson- Instagram
Mitch Thompson- Instagram

There were other fans who explained that they were European and wanted them to stop by to see them too. One fan mentioned that they needed to be careful because of the “garbage strike” going on in Paris. They let the couple know that “there is garbage everywhere!” No matter what kind of comments these fans left, it seems that Aspyn and Mitch are just excited to take this trip together.

Aspyn Hangs With Family

Recently, Christine Brown’s daughter, Aspyn was seen hanging out with her family for her birthday. She appeared with her mother at high tea and dressed up very nicely. Christine mentioned just how much fun it was to take this time with her daughter for her birthday. It looked as if they spent the day together and had a very special day. Not only did Aspyn get time with Christine Brown, but she had some sister time as well. Aspyn is very close with her sister, Mykelti Padron as they live close to each other. They ended up having a funny photo session together for her birthday.

Mykelti Padron- Instagram
Mykelti Padron- Instagram

When Aspyn hung out with Mykelti, they acted very silly together. Mykelti actually told her fans that they don’t do “normal.” It was clear in the photos that they really do have a great sisterly bond.

Do you have any advice for Aspyn and Mitch for their Paris trip? Finally, are there any sights that you think they should check out? Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.

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