Josh Efird Rages At Bumming Wife Pumpkin & Storms Out Of House

Pumpkin Shannon - Josh Efird Youtube

It is no secret that Josh Efird and his wife Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon are struggling to financially support their four children. Mama June fans, however, have little sympathy as they argue the couple has no one but themselves to blame for their current situation. Fans argue that Pumpkin and Josh are constantly living a life that is well beyond their means. And, then they expect fans to help them out when they misplace their money and forget about their bills.

According to a recent report from The Ashley, Josh Efird made it crystal clear he was wildly uncomfortable with taking fistfuls of cash from random strangers on the internet. In fact, the outlet goes on to report that Josh became so frustrated with his wife that he ended up storming off.

Pumpkin Shannon - Josh Efird Youtube
Pumpkin Shannon – Josh Efird Youtube

Josh Efird storms off, tells Pumpkin to give it back

The Ashley makes it a point to clarify that Pumpkin never outright asked fans to give her any cash. She, however, did make sure her fans had a clear picture of how bad the family’s financial turmoil was at the moment. Unfortunately, Pumpkin revealed they were several payments behind on their vehicle and they were dangerously close to it getting possessed. Making things worse, they were also struggling to pay for basic necessities such as diapers and formula. The reality TV star did not outright ask her followers for cash. But, she did drop every platform fans could use to send her money if they wanted to do so.


During the live, The Ashley reports Pumpkin raked in over $1,000. She promised to use the money to get caught up on her car payments. Josh, however, became frustrated with Pumpkin and insisted she stopped taking money from people. Moreover, Josh wanted his wife to press return to sender and give the money back to the people who originally earned it. Before storming off, he insisted that his wife send the money back to her fans.

Considering Pumpkin clarified that her husband’s ego was just getting in the way of asking for help and that she would use the money to get caught up on her car, it was safe to assume Pumpkin did not plan on returning any of the cash to those who sent it to her.

Pumpkin & Josh Efird/IG

Admittedly fans are shocked that so many people sent money considering it wasn’t that long ago that Pumpkin and her sister Honey Boo Boo went on a filthy tirade calling the very sam fans they asked for cash every name in the book.

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