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Honey Boo Boo & Pumpkin Target Fans, Go On Filthy Tirade

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Honey Boo Boo and her sister, Pumpkin went on a nasty tirade. They went after their fans and said unspeakable things, all while talking about Dralin Carswell’s arrest. So, what exactly did the girls have to say? Read on for more details.

Honey Boo Boo & Pumpkin Target Fans, Go On Filthy Tirade

Recently, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson’s boyfriend, Dralin was arrested after fleeing from police. He then took them on a chase and what made matters worse were two things. Firstly, he had warrants which made him more of a person of interest, and second, Alana was in the car with him. Dralin was found to have marijuana on him and he along with another person in the car was arrested. However, Alana was released to her sister, Pumpkin.

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[Dralin-Credit: YouTube]
Now, Pumpkin and Alana are speaking out about the whole situation. It was recapped by TikTokker, @Elle_Bee_TV She broke down the whole situation, recalling how Dralin spent two days in jail and was released on a 25K bond. Then, she shared that Pumpkin and Alana had made a video and it was extremely crass. It was such awful language that Elle Bee even put a warning above the video. In it, Pumpkin and Alana are using the F-word when it comes to the police. They both used such disgusting and degrading language to fans that longtime fans who have loved them since the Toddler and Tiaras days are no longer fans and are literally sickened by what they heard and saw.  Watch the video at your own risk but be warned it is foul. 

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Fans were shocked and disgusted by what they had seen and the words that came out of Honey Boo Boo’s mouth, especially at seventeen. “Whyy is Alana talking like that?” one follower asked. Another added: “WE tv need to suspend the show. They are too disrespectful.” Others could not believe that they would talk to their fans the way that they did, calling them lazy. More so, they bragged about how much money they make on the show so they do not need anything. They are set for life but the rest of the world is apparently a bunch of trolls.

The Hustle Is Real

As much as Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo were bragging about their wealth, this is simply contradictory to how they’ve been acting over the last year. At one point, Pumpkin texted their mother, Mama June to tell her that her cabinets were empty. June told her to get on TikTok and make some money. Additionally, for her husband Josh’s birthday, Pumpkin shared his CashApp for fans to send him gifts. This is also something Alana has done regularly as she lets fans know where they can send stuff if they so desire.

Honey Boo Boo/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
Plus, both sisters are constantly reminding fans they are on Cameo with Honey Boo Boo getting called out for always promoting random products. As for Alana and Dralin, their relationship has been under fire for some time as fans did not like the age difference between the two. They also called out Pumpkin for letting the two sleep in bed together and questioned how she was really faring as a parent.

What do you think of how Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin spoke to and about their fans? Should they be removed from television? Let us know your thoughts and watch Mama June: Family Crisis May 5th on WeTV.

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  1. they really need to watch themselves!! There mother is an addict! multiple baby daddys for June! always acting broke and have had more asks for gifts money etc! where is Josh or Aunt Dodo? these girls are showing their true colors! I always liked June…kinda moved on when she went through the drug issues arrests etc…and now we see the 2 daughters are following the same path! I am not bothredby langauge Im not perfect but honestly dont bite the hand that feeds you!

  2. No longer a fan! The show needs canceled! If they are going to act like that they don’t deserve a tv show!

  3. This is exactly how Alana will be removed from pumpkins house,bad parenting. Sorry Alana, you’re going down your mama’s path, which you said you would not do. Fight for that worthless man.

  4. I actually unfollowed them and will not b watching the new show or anything else concerning them . I hope WETV takes note ?

  5. I think the family should be taken off tv. they are only white trailer trash. the way they talk with cussing just about every episode. they are nothing but DRAMA and very DISRESPECT and DISCUSSING and they aren’t doing any good to show those kids living in the home how to be, but being raised with no boundaries and being disrespectful and it shows those kids are going to be hellions as they get older. so PLEASE REMOVE ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THIS FAMILY ALL TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!

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