Google Disrespects YouTube TV Customers With Massive Price Hike

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Google has spit in the face of their YouTube TV customers with a sudden and massive price hike. Typically, streaming services do what they can to give their subscribers a warning a price increase is coming. Google, however, sent out an email announcing a massive and nearly immediate price hike. What exactly did Google say and how much is the price going up? Keep reading for the details.

Google slaps customers in face with massive YouTube TV price hike

YouTube TV customers were slapped in the face with an email recently announcing that Google had plans to increase the monthly cost of their TV streaming service. Unfortunately, Google made the bad news worse by revealing this price hike would be almost immediate as the change will happen when customers get billed during the month of April.

PerĀ Apple Insider, the email from Google reveals the monthly cost will increase from $64.99 to $72.99. As long-time subscribers know, it has been a little while since Google hit customers with a price increase. Back in 2020, the price saw a 30 percent bump as it jumped from $49.99 to $64.99.

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Unfortunately for customers, it does not appear as if this price hike comes with any added content to help soften the blow or curb the cost. Moreover, this will actually make YouTube TV more expensive than alternatives that offer similar live television streaming options such as Hulu Live. So, this price hike could end up costing Google customers if they decide to bail for something a little cheaper.

What is this streaming service anyway?

YouTube TV is an alternative to cable that gives subscribers access to live television and various on-demand content. Like most similar services, subscribers have the option of paying extra for additional channels that are not included with the basic plan.

Unsurprisingly, subscribers aren’t thrilled about this sudden price increase. Though, it wasn’t a total blindside as Google hasn’t raised their price in a while and inflation is causing prices of EVERYTHING to skyrocket. With cheaper options on the market, however, some customers are threatening to walk for a more affordable option.

Does it surprise you that Google would increase YouTube TV by so much? Should their customers have been given more of a warning? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more streaming TV news.

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  1. I am a youtube tv sibscriber and the email said it would be going up for me on or after june 16th, 2023. if your a current member thats about 2 months before it goes up and not everyone cares about mlb network.

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