Even Google Hates Kody Brown?

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It appears that even Google hates Kody Brown of Sister Wives. Why do fans believe in Google has no love for this man? Well, the answer is really simple. And, hilarious.

Sister Wives fans cannot stand this man

Sister Wives fans do not have any love for Kody Brown. Fans believe he’s a greedy man who only cares about what he wants. Sadly, fans have watched this family slowly fall to pieces after Robyn Brown was introduced to the group. Both Christine and Janelle foreshadowed from fairly early on that Robyn would be the end of their family.

Robyn and Kody Brown - YouTube
Robyn and Kody Brown – YouTube

Today, Robyn Brown is really the only one Kody spends any of his time with. Janelle insists she and Kody are fine and everything about their relationship is fine. Kody, however, claims he’s not in love with Janelle anymore. And, he considers her to be nothing more than a good friend he has a love for. Kody Brown has also admitted he has a love for Meri, but he also only considers her to be a friend at this point in time as well. Moreover, Kody admits he never sees his relationship with Meri growing past the point of friendship ever again.

And, as fans know, Kody Brown and Christine are no longer together. Christine confirmed the end of their marriage prior to the premiere of the latest season of Sister Wives.

It, however, appears as if fans are not alone in hating Kody Brown. Turns out, Google hates him too.

kody and robbyn brown screenshot facebook

Even Google hates Kody Brown

As we previously reported, Kody Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn was the first to discover what Google had labeled her father as. Doing a simple Google search for her father. Gwendlyn Brown discovered he was now being identified as Christine Brown’s ex-husband. She thought it was hilarious and was quick to share it with Instagram. Turns out, Gwendlyn Brown got way more attention than she normally does on social media with this post. Is her true calling to heckle her father? Fans were certainly here for it.

The real question is: What happens when you do a search for Christine Brown? Is Christine labeled as Kody Brown’s ex-wife? No, she’s not. Google has Christine Brown labeled as “an author.” Sister Wives fans across multiple social media platforms have been cracking up at the serious dig Google took at Kody while making it clear they were also team Christine Brown.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Youtube


Do you agree with fans’ train of thought that someone at Google must really hate Kody Brown? Do you also agree Google must be team Christine Brown too? Share your thoughts on this interesting discovery in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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  1. nobody really knows the whole truth but it does seem, Kody lucked out when Meri got the divorce so he could marry and adopt Robin’s kids. after all, poor Meri, had only been able to give him one child. Now that the other
    women have had loads of kids whose to say he’ll want to start over again with younger wives to have even
    more kids. Personally I think he’s full of himself and his older kids are realizing just what a jerk their dad is.

  2. Why you still there Christine ,he’s a manipulative bully.it’s his way or no way .leave him .have a life at last .he’s not a good person

  3. Cody is a disgusting narcissist. Let him stay with sobbin Robin. Meri needs to move on. So does Janelle. Both deserve better than what he has to offer. He make me cringe….🤮

    1. Exactly! Kody is a disgusting narcissist and he has tantrums like a small child! I cannot stand Kody Brown. I hope Christine ,Janell and Meri all take him to the cleaners and sue him for palimony. I cant wait to see that day.

  4. He’s foolish. Christine was by far the best wife he had and now he lost. Meri is a silent pot stirrer and the camera doesn’t lie at her smirks of the other wives pain, none like her but I do feel Kody did her wrong as well. Janelle is just coasting, he doesn’t love her. I not sure if Robin is the silent killer behind the scenes but I think it’s that Kody wants her and wants the others gone…including his children. He did a 360 on the kids so now he even sucks as a dad. I really hope karma bites him and Robin leaves him as that’s what he deserves. I still trying to figure why these women wanted him, he’s a child.

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