Tammy Slaton Seen With New Man, Is Marriage Over?

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1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy Slaton recently got married to a man she met at the weight loss rehab facility last year. She and Caleb Willingham hit it off very quickly. Even though he gives off major stalker vibes, they tied the knot in November. Tammy wanted her family to love him the way that she does, but they are unsure about it. However, things may not be as good as Tammy has let on. In fact, she was seen with a new man recently on her TikTok account. Does this mean their marriage is over?

Tammy Slaton’s Newest Shocking Video

Tammy Slaton enjoys sharing content on her TikTok account. She adds videos of herself singing and dancing, generally with Caleb. However, this past week, fans noticed that there was another man in her videos and it was not Caleb! The Sun shared some photos of Tammy with the mystery man. In her video, Tammy is seen in her wheelchair with someone new. It does look like she is at the rehab center. She is wearing a black sweatshirt, sunglasses, and a headband with cat ears. Tammy also giggled as her friend was talking. She captioned this post, “Bad little boy.”

Tammy Slaton- TikTok
Tammy Slaton- TikTok

Her fans were concerned as soon as they saw this new video. One of her fans wrote, “What is this? It must be OLD! I hope it’s old!” Another added, “You don’t look like Caleb. What about your husband?” There were a lot of questions about where Caleb was and some speculation that these two could be together now.

Trouble In Paradise?

Tammy Slaton and Caleb decided to get married very quickly. This concerned her family and from the looks of it, there could be trouble in paradise. A source close to Tammy has pointed out that Caleb has yet to move to Kentucky and is still in Ohio at the facility. This has led to their long-distance relationship, which is difficult to manage. Caleb and Tammy have the same struggles when it comes to their food addictions and this could be dangerous for their marriage. Rumor has it that they aren’t as happy as they look on the show.

Tammy Slaton- TLC
Tammy Slaton- TLC

From the looks of it, Tammy has gotten frustrated with the fact that Caleb isn’t trying to move closer to her. Of course, there are probably weight loss facilities in Kentucky, so why hasn’t he left? There could be some problems with his insurance that could keep him in Ohio. This could be what is making Tammy upset about him being so far from her.

Do you think that Tammy has already moved on? Do you think that she and Caleb will work? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb. Sisters. 

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  1. There was no marriage. It was a Terrible Life Choices fraud and the entire scummy family was in on it. She would be insufferable to live with.

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