Did Janelle & Meri Brown Give Up Their Shares Of Coyote Pass?

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Are Robyn and Kody Brown now the sole owners of Coyote Pass? One Sister Wives fan reports claims are making rounds that Meri and Janelle Brown no longer have their names on deeds for any of the Coyote Pass plots. The Sister Wives fan goes on to share tons of screenshots before claiming that it appears as if Janelle and Meri have both transferred ownership to Kody. The screenshots reveal that Robyn Brown has her name on two lots while the rest of the property reportedly belongs solely to Kody now.

Have Janelle and Meri Brown given up Coyote Pass? Did they sell/transfer the portion of the property they owned to Kody? Moreover, what will Kody and Robyn do with Coyote Pass if they now own all of it?

Keep reading as Tv Shows Ace digs into this claim

Janelle Brown Christine Brown Robyn Brown Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

Did Meri and Janelle Brown give up their section of Coyote Pass?

Fans were pretty quick to call out the OP on Reddit for trying to stir things that had not happened yet. Checking into the land deeds, both Meri and Janelle still have their name on some of the plots of land on Coyote Pass. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, it is important to keep in mind that neither Meri nor Janelle are the sole owners of any plots of land on the property.

Kody Brown has his name on the deed for every plot of land. And, Robyn Brown has her name on a larger percentage of the land than any of Kody’s other wives.

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Will they even stay in Arizona?

There are rumors that Meri Brown has plans to move closer to her B&B now that her relationship with Kody is history. Likewise, there have also been rumors that Janelle Brown would like to move closer to Christine. These rumors, however, have never had any concrete evidence to solidify them as anything more than just rumors and fan speculation.

Moreover, Janelle Brown has always been the most passionate of the bunch about living on Coyote Pass. So, fans aren’t really buying that she would just be willing to give up her portion of the property because things didn’t work out with Kody. Especially considering she still considers herself to be spiritually married to him even if they are separated.

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At this point in time, it does appear that Meri and Janelle’s names are still on some of the deeds. It is really unclear regarding what the family plans to do with the property in the future.

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