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Gwendlyn Brown Divulges Name Change, What Is It?

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Gwendlyn Brown has revealed that she is changing her name. The twenty-one-year-old has always been pretty open about who she is and what she is doing in her life. Now, she is preparing to give herself a new moniker but what brought it on? More so, what is she changing it to? Read on for more details.

Gwendlyn Brown Divulges Name Change, What Is It?

It looks like Brown will soon be a thing of the past. Gwendlyn Brown has shared with her fans that she is dropping her last name in the near future. Clearly, it is no secret that she has struggled with her relationship with her father, Kody Brown. In fact, fans have actually encouraged her mother, Christine to drop “Brown.” After Christine left Kody in early 2021 and moved to Utah, she was clearly living her own life and thriving. Therefore, it was believed that she should no longer use her ex-husband’s last name. Now, Gwen is the one changing her name.

Gwendlyn Brown/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
According to The Sun, Gwen revealed her name change in her latest YouTube video. The subject came up as Gwendlyn was opening her YouTube plaque for reaching 100K followers. However, it did not say “Brown” on it but rather Gwendlyn Queiroz. This will be her married name after she weds her fiancee, Beatriz over the summer. Gwen went on to explain the situation to those who were not quite clear on everything. “So, the plaque finally came in. It’s addressed to Gwendlyn Brown, but since I’m getting married soon I had a label on the name tag that says ‘for Gwendlyn Queiroz.'”

Gwendlyn Brown/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
Fans were so excited for her and felt that she was extremely deserving. They even acknowledged her name change. “Congratulations on the award and the soon to be new last name. 😁,” one fan wrote. Another added: “Congratulations!! Love that you r taking your fiancés name ❤❤❤.” It could be assumed that Gwen is taking Beatriz’s last name to distance herself from her father but, either way, it seems that they are enjoying their romance.

️Wedding Season

From what Gwendlyn Brown has posted, she and Beatriz are getting married in July 2023. However, they already celebrated their engagement with Gwen’s mother and sisters. Many people in her life are very supportive of her choices. This includes Meri Brown’s child, Leon’s partner, Audrey Kriss. The two of them are always cheering each other on, which is beautiful to see. It would make sense as Christine Brown noted it was when Leon came out that she realized something was up with Gwen. In Season 17, her bisexuality was addressed and it was a really beautiful story.

What do you think of Gwendlyn Brown changing her name? Do you think she should have waited until the marriage was official to get Beatriz’s name on the plaque? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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