Kody Brown Strong Arms Gwendlyn To Retract Abuse Allegations?

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It appears as if Kody Brown of Sister Wives may have strong-armed his daughter Gwendlyn into retracting her abuse allegation. What abuse allegation did she make exactly? Why do Sister Wives fans believe Kody may have strong-armed his daughter into retracting her statement? Keep reading for the scoop.

Gwendlyn Brown accuses Kody of physical abuse

Gwendlyn Brown of Sister Wives shared her reaction to Season 17, Episode 10 on her Patreon. As Tv Shows Ace reported, the video was behind a paywall but it was leaked via Starcasm. Typically, the TLC personality would post a video on her Patreon and then upload it to YouTube days later. It was in this video that a fan asked Gwendlyn if she was ever physically abused by her father. And, she responded that she was.

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Now, Gwendlyn clarified not everyone would agree that her father was physically abusive because she was referring to being spanked. She, however, did clarify that there were times when he left bruises on her. Likewise, she recalls being tossed into the air as a form of punishment. And, the shocking aggressive rant he went on in the episode wasn’t as surprising to Gwendlyn as she admitted it wasn’t uncommon for him to show like that.

Did her father force her to take the video down?

One Sister Wives fan pointed out in a Reddit thread that has since been deleted that Gwendlyn Brown quietly took down her video alleging that her father physically abused her.

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The individual notes: “It seems Gwen took down s17 e10 video on patreon where she said her dad left bruises on her and threw her up in the air and that she considered it as abuse.”

While Gwendlyn did upload her reaction to the episode to YouTube as she typically does, it wasn’t until after the portion of her answering the question of abuse was edited out of the video.

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One Sister Wives fan pointed out it was worth clarifying that Gwendlyn did not retract her statement completely. She did delete any trace of the video. But, she didn’t issue a new statement correcting herself which would have had to happen for it to be an official retraction.

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One fan chimed in: “This is likely a scared college kid who received a legal threat or verbal threat from her father, and so she took it down.”

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Another fan chimed in: “I’m certain it’s not backtracking and it’s being afraid of legal action plus jeopardizing the show. It’s unfortunate she can’t speak her truth without repercussions.”

Some fans believed Gwendlyn Brown may have just regretted the video and taken it down of her own accord. Others, however, firmly believe the statement caused problems for Kody and the future of Sister Wives as well as potential spin-offs. So, she was asked to take it down.

What do you think happened? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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