Kanye’s ‘Unbothered’ Ex, Juliana Nalu, Challenges Rihanna

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Kanye West’s ex, Juliana Nalu, was feeling “unbothered” as she stepped up against Barbadian singer Rihanna in an unusual beachside string of selfies. At 25 years old, the Brazillian bombshell attracted a lot of attention when she was rumored to be dating Kanye West for a very brief period of time last year. While Kanye West has since moved on and is now a married man, Juliana still lands in the headlines from time to time thanks to her tiny modelesque physique and her former connection to Kanye.

Hitting the beach recently, the Brazillian model was feeling fierce as she stepped up against singer Rihanna in a bizarre Instagram update. How did she step up against Rihanna exactly? Scroll down for the details and to see the stunning beachside selfies she posted.

Juliana Nalu Poses In Sheer Gown [Source: Juliana Nalu - Twitter]
[Source: Juliana Nalu – Twitter]

Unbothered Juliana Nalu steps up against Rihanna

Juliana Nalu took to Instagram to share a few absolutely stunning selfies of herself soaking up tone sun on the beach. In the caption of her beachside selfies, she noted she was “unbothered.” Kanye West’s ex also shared a screenshot of something Rihanna tweeted back in 2012. In the tweet, Rihanna noted that “every tongue” that “rises up against” her “shall fall.” The post certainly felt like the breathtaking young model was letting her 864K followers on Instagram that she was “unbothered” by standing up against Rihanna.

In addition to the screenshot of the tweet that was a little more than a decade old, Kanye West’s ex shared three stunning selfies of herself soaking up the sun on the beach. She rocked a nude-colored tank top that paired well with her sun-kissed skin and her long brunette locks. The snug tank top perfectly highlighted her petite physique and perky bosom.

In the first photo, she held her phone down in front of her so the POV of the photo was looking up at her. In the second photo, Juliana Nalu very teasingly pulled the middle of her nude tank top up enough just to reveal a hit of her perfectly sculpted midriff.

Juliana - Instagram
Juliana – Instagram

In the third photo, Juliana Nalu playfully played with her long tresses as she threw her head back slightly and gazed into the camera with her giant chocolate brown eyes.

It was unclear why Kanye West’s former flame was seemingly challenging Rihanna by sharing a tweet that was a little over a decade old. But, it was clear that her followers were here for these angelic beachside selfies.

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