Kanye’s Ex, Juliana Nalu, Is All Legs In Micro Leather Shorts

Kanye West, Juliana Nalu | Instagram

Kanye West may be married now, but that doesn’t mean his ex-girlfriend isn’t still flaunting her body all over Instagram. Keep reading for all the juicy details on Juliana Nalu’s new post.

Juliana Nalu takes to Instagram

Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend, Juliana Nalu, is a model who spends a lot of time posting on Instagram. This time it’s no different. The Brazilian beauty has taken to her social media to flaunt her legs. In the photos, Juliana is wearing a black tube top on top. On the bottom, she’s sporting some short, black leather shorts.

Kanye West, Juliana Nalu Poses In Restaurant [Juliana Nalu | Instagram]
[Juliana Nalu | Instagram]
Juliana’s long hair hangs way down her back, around her waist as she seduces the camera. Despite no longer being with Kanye West, the model still has a pretty intense fanbase who are letting her know just how much they love her photos.

I was hoping that first pic made it to feed 😍,” one person writes, clearly involved in Juliana’s photo-taking process.

“VC EH LINDA POR DENTRO E POR FORA! Eu amo acompanhar sua história, merece demais e acredite q vai alcançar mais ainda garot,” another writes which translates to: “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT! I love following your story. You deserve it too much and I believe you’ll achieve even more girl.”


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Wait, Kanye West is married?

Despite having just recently broken up with Juliana, it’s been reported that rapper Kanye West is actually already married. This time, to someone from his company, Yeezy.

The woman’s name is Bianca Censori, and Kanye West has allegedly already written a song about his new leading lady called Censori Overload. Apparently, the woman has been working for Kanye since 2020 and is currently 27 years old.

Has Kim met her?

While Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, hasn’t spoken out on the union yet, it does seem that she will be getting involved soon. Since the pair is married, it’s likely that Bianca will be in Kim’s children’s lives. Currently, she shares four children with Kanye – North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

This new wife comes after Kanye made some anti-semantic comments that got him in hot water with many people. It seems that Kanye’s journey has been a crazy one for fans to follow. Who knows what he will do next!?

Can you believe Kanye West is married? Should he have stayed with Juliana instead? Let us know what your thoughts on the whole situation are. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite reality TV stars and Instagram models.

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