Meri Brown Scrutinized Mykelti’s Outfit As Aurora Flaunts Skimpy Skirt?

Mykelti Padron, Meri Brown, and Aurora Brown from Instagram and TLC

At this point, it’s abundantly clear to Sister Wives fans that Meri Brown does not treat each child equally.

This is something that viewers have noticed since the show’s early days. But recent allegations from some of the kids have left fans wondering how deep the mistreatment goes.

Meri routinely favored her child Leon above the other kids, but also seemed to put Robyn’s kids on a higher pedestal. Unfortunately, Meri often treated Christine and Janelle’s kids as if they didn’t matter.

Recently, Sister Wives fans noticed a major discrepancy in Meri Brown’s role as a disciplinarian. Keep reading to see what they pointed out.

Sister Wives fans point out Meri Brown’s hypocrisy

Meri Brown is largely unpopular with most Sister Wives fans and has been for years. But a display of hypocrisy seems to have pushed a few fans over the edge. At this point, it doesn’t seem like Meri has much of a chance for redemption.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

“This episode was aired in 2019, so it’s safe to say it was taped in 2018. When they [went] to visit the 2 lots before buying one in Flagstaff,” one Facebook user wrote. “Aurora would have been 16 (born in 2002),

1) wearing a short skirt like that?

2) wtffff is this angle for? It makes it look shorter!!”

They uploaded a photo of Aurora in her short skirt while Meri stands by, smiling lovingly at the teenager. It’s not at all uncommon for teens to want to wear short skirts. However, fans really took issue with Meri’s attitude about it.

Sister Wives facebook group comments
Sister Wives Discussion Group & More/Facebook

In the photo, Meri doesn’t seem to have any issues at all with Aurora’s outfit. But plenty of fans couldn’t help but remember how Meri chastised the other teen girls for their wardrobe choices.

Fans rail against the TLC star for chastising the other daughters

Almost immediately, fans started to point out how nasty Meri could be to the other girls. But she never dared say anything to Robyn’s daughters.

“When you think back to early episodes when they were getting at Mykelti about what clothes she wrote this is a real shift in their ‘values,'” one Facebook user pointed out.

“Ooooh that’s interesting that she’s standing with Meri in this scene,” another noted. “Because I distinctly remember in an early season that Meri was jumping all over Maddie’s case because she was wearing short shorts, and demanded that she go change. Funny that I don’t recall her ever having that conversation with Robyn’s girls…”

Sister Wives facebook group comments
Sister Wives Discussion Group & More/Facebook

At the end of the day, Sister Wives is a TV show and TLC can choose what they want to air. It’s possible that Meri Brown did have the same conversation with Robyn’s daughters and TLC chose not to air it.

But on the other side of things, Meri has consistently displayed favoritism toward Robyn’s kids.

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