‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Gives Advice She Wouldn’t Take?

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Meri Brown is on the train to success after ending things with her toxic husband Kody and she wants her 834K Instagram followers to know all about it. The TLC personality took to her Instagram Stories to share a motivational video as she continued to move forward with her life.

Meri Brown says road to success is not a straight path

The TLC personality shared a video that was previously posted on an account dedicated to success and business. The purpose behind the video (and the account she reshared from) was to help create a positive mindset for those striving for success.

Meri looking somber after giving Robyn the news that her divorce from Kody is final - YouTube/TLC


The video featured a man who was slowly making his way up a flight of stairs. During his climb, he fell several times. He bounced on a trampoline on the side of the stairs and jumped up a couple of stars.

It took a few tries, but the man was successful at getting up the stairs. Putting a caption on top of the video, Meri pointed out that the path to success is not always a straight or easy path. This video as intended to be a visual interpretation of that.

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A video of Meri leaving Kody Brown?

Sister Wives fans agreed this video also felt like a video of Meri Brown getting to the point where she finally left Kody. The only difference is the stairs were several more flights and Meri fell way more times than this man did before reaching the top.

Truthfully, fans are more than a little frustrated with how long Meri held on to her relationship with Kody. But, they are so relieved that she finally let go of the relationship and is moving on with her life.

It, however, doesn’t escape fans that Meri would jump right down to the bottom of those stairs if Kody was interested in taking her back.

Does she really work that hard, though?

Some Sister Wives fans aren’t buying that Meri Brown is a woman who really works that hard. She built a huge following because of a reality TV show. And, she’s used that following to build an MLM empire that makes her tons of money. Likewise, she also has a B&B that gets tons of customers because of her reality TV following.

So, fans question how much “hard work” a person with a massive following has to do at the end of the day.

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