Meri Brown: ‘Failure Is NOT Failure’

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Meri Brown has posted another motivational message and this time it is about failure. The former first wife of Kody Brown is sharing why “failure is not failure.” She wants to share her words of wisdom but what else is she saying? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown: ‘Failure Is NOT Failure’

According to Meri Brown, “failure is not failure.” She has been through a lot of ups and downs over the last few months. At the end of Season 17 of Sister Wives, Meri shared she had left her 30+ year marriage. The confirmation of the ending of the spiritual union between her and Kody Brown came in January of this year. To add to that heartbreak, her former sister wife, Christine Brown’s kids have spoken out about Meri. They claimed that she was abusive toward them, mainly verbally and it was hard to take.

Meri Brown/YouTube
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There were also allegations of physical abuse and though there was allegedly a witness to this, nothing was done. Apparently, production was scared that the show would get canceled. Keeping with typical Meri Brown behavior, she shared a TikTok on her Instagram. As she is appearing to enjoy a snow day via video, she wrote this: “Failure is not failure unless you stop. Failure is only a step toward your success. It’s part of the process! Keep going, you got this!”

@therealmeribrownFailure is not failure unless you stop. Failure is only a step toward your success. It’s part of the process! Keep going, you got this!

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Her followers were not so sure about this message and started to question Meri. “Meri….who made you so wise that you are giving everyone else advise????” one asked. Another added: “You sure aren’t failing u are just now begging.” However, some felt that her words were genuine and just what they needed. “I needed that today Mary, thank you! ❤️” one said. Many questioned exactly where Meri was when she made the TikTok and it seems like she was in Flagstaff.

Constant Struggles

Meri Brown has also faced a lot of backlash for her recent retreats at her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. She held her first one in November but fans were appalled by the prices. They exceeded 6K just for a few days with Meri and it seemed to be a bust. She then decided to do another one in February but it was just as pricey. Furthermore, she started to take away extras from the retreat while berating her followers who had questions about the event. It is unclear if it even went off as Meri was apparently in Flagstaff just hours before the retreat was supposed to start in Parowan, Utah.

Do you think Meri Brown is worthy of giving advice? More so, do her words hold any weight to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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