‘Sister Wives’ Gwen Brown Doesn’t Hold Back

Gwen Brown- Instagram

Sister Wives cast member, Gwen Brown enjoys sharing her thoughts with her fans. On her YouTube channel, she has started to watch back past seasons and episodes. While she watches them, she films her reactions to them. More so, she has made some stunning allegations about her family. Now it looks as if her fans have noticed that she is no longer holding back!

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Many of the Brown children have grown up to be much different than their famous parents. Although Kody Brown wanted his polygamist dream to come true, his children don’t seem interested in the lifestyle. In fact, he has got a lot of criticism from his children on his lifestyle and his parenting. When it comes to sharing her true feelings about her family, Gwen is an open book. US Magazine recently put out a list of Gwen’s most famous quotes about her family. A lot of these quotes give a clear idea of just how she feels about them, even her mother and father.

Gwen Brown- Instagram
Gwen Brown- Instagram

When Christine Brown announced that she was leaving Kody, Gwen opened up about how she felt. She said, “I’m on each of their sides as each of them are talking about it. Not that I should be choosing sides, because these are my parents.” As Gwen was asked about Robyn Brown, she told her fans, “I don’t really like her as as person.” Gwen Brown has really opened up now that this season of Sister Wives has ended and she has also made some stunning allegations about her father and the other wives.

Kody’s Choices In Marriage

As Gwen Brown watched one of the past episodes, she saw Meri Brown going back to Kody again and again. In fact, as Gwen watched, she couldn’t help but get upset with the way that Kody was treating her. She told her fans that she was disgusted by the way that he treated Meri and she felt as if he was leading her on. Perhaps that is why she continued to go back to him even after he told her that he was not in love. Gwen even mentioned that her memories of Meri were not great, but that didn’t stop her from standing up for her.

Gwen Brown- Instagram
Gwen Brown- Instagram

No matter what Gwen has seen happen in her family and on the show, she tries her best to stand up for those who deserve it. She doesn’t like the way her father has treated a lot of her siblings and the other wives. Gwen has been open about that and continues to share her thoughts about him with her fans. Her YouTube channel has gained popularity since she started spilling the tea. Gwen’s fans hope that she will keep this up!

What do you think about Gwen’s opinion of her family? Do you think that she should share all of her thoughts on YouTube? We want to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives. 

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