‘600-Lb. Life’ Stephanie Smith 2023 Update: Where Is She Now?

My 600lb Life - Stephanie Smith Youtube

On tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life fans are introduced to Stephanie Smith. By the end of the episode, fans are left with more questions than answers about the mother-of-three. Is there a 2023 update on Stephanie Smith and where she is now with her weight loss progress?

Doing a bit of deep diving, Tv Shows Ace was able to find her profile on Facebook. So, have there been any updates since her time on the show? Keep reading for the details.

My 600lb Life - Stephanie Smith Youtube

My 600-Lb. Life: Stephanie Smith 2023 update

Tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life leaves fans realizing social media may be the only way to get a 2023 update on where Stephanie Smith is now after she decided Dr. Now’s weight loss program wasn’t the answer to her problems. In fact, most viewers who have already watched the episode via Discovery+ argue this was a waste of an episode and the network’s resources as it didn’t appear that she was ever very serious about losing weight.

As those who watch this TLC series from one week to the next know, Dr. Now’s diet is intended to help the morbidly obese lose weight with or without exercise. He caters his dietary recommendations around the idea that his patients are not able to be mobile. With this knowledge, Dr. Now knows that patients who come to him without losing weight are lying about the changes they’ve made to their diet because the diet plan has guaranteed success if it is followed correctly.

Dr. Now from My 600-Lb. Life from TLC


This was ultimately how Dr. Now knew that Stephanie was not being honest with him as months and months passed with her barely losing any weight at all.

By the end of the episode, Stephanie Smith blocked Dr. Now and refused to take his phone calls or go to any of the appointments he set up. Moreover, she told the cameras the weight loss program wasn’t for her and that she felt like she got the raw end of the deal because the TLC doctor gave up on her.

My 600lb Life - Stephanie Smith - Youtube

Has she made any progress on her own?

Stephanie Smith is actually a little challenging to find on social media because she is listed under a different last name. Her profile also claims she’s been married since 2016. Though, fans will recall there was never a husband or a spouse in the picture. In fact, Stephanie talked about how lonely she was as she never found anyone to be there for her the way food was. Her profile, however, does not list her husband. Though, there is a photo of her cozied up with a man and the word “love” across the photo. So, it is possible that is her husband.

My 600lb Life - Stephanie Smith FB
My 600lb Life – Stephanie Smith FB

Unfortunately, her profile has nothing on it to suggest she’s made any more progress with her weight loss. She uploaded a Facebook Reel last month that claimed she was continuing to move forward even when she felt like the whole world was against her. In a separate Facebook Reel, she said “thank you” to the people in her life who had her back and continued to support her. Prior to these two Reels and a selfie, she hasn’t really posted much on her profile since August of last year.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like this is a cast member who was very serious about her weight loss journey. She, however, did build up her stamina just a little bit for the sake of her children.

Catch new episodes of My 600-Lb. Life every Wednesday night on TLC. And, stream the entire series via Discovery+. Plus, let us know what you thought of Stepahnie’s episode in the comments down below.

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  1. I was really hoping she would make a lot of progress. I noticed that at the end of the show, her stepfather was still bringing her food. She told Dr. Now that only one of her kids had a weight problem, but it looks like ALL of her kids have a wright problem, and so does Stephanie’s mother. I hope Stephanie gets better soon.

  2. I was really hoping she would make a lot of progress. I noticed that at the end of the show, her stepfather was still bringing her food. She told Dr. Now that only one of her kids had a weight problem, but it looks like ALL of her kids have a weight problem, and so does Stephanie’s mother. I hope Stephanie gets better soon.

  3. So this is the second wasted show on supplicants begging Dr. Now to give them a life altering surgery. What is the point of even showing episodes like this??

  4. She needs to stop victimising herself. Saying “the whole world’s against her”, “Dr. Now gave up on me”, I’m sorry, YOU stopped receiving his calls 🤷‍♂️ Tbh we all just want the best for you, and are not against you. You just have to face the truth of your situation. To maintain 600lb of weight, you need to eat 5000 calories a day. End of. Stop lying to yourself. Plus you said you’ve changed, but were also shown eating carbs rich foods at the end a few times, so? I get you’ve made changes, but like Dr Now said, it’s not enough. Look at previous episodes, people in the same situations get admitted to hospital and put on a calorie controlled diet and lost 120lbs in a month! She has to just admit to herself she’s not doing what’s required. You’re only hurting yourself. I thought you wanted to be there for your kids, you’re actively choosing food over them, and that’s what they’ll say as part of their trauma on their episodes in 15yrs.

    1. Amen, sister. Always the victim and thinks we believe what she claims to be eating. Sad, and in my opinion it’s abusive to do that to her children.

  5. I disliked the fact that Stephanie stated that Dr. Now gave up on her. This woman gave up on herself and to want to put the blame on the doctor was rude, unfair and untrue. Stephanie only made it appear that she was eating small portions of food which at times was perpared foods. Was it just that she wanted to get away from tne kids some. I’m just saying.

  6. Dude she picks up a 5 lb dumbbell for 5 minutes and calls it a day😂 I feel so sorry for her kids to have her for a mother showing them all those horrible bad habits I hope you realize if you don’t change your gonna die and those kids will have no mother so block his calls enjoy your ham sandwich with extra mayo and potato chips your slowly killing your self plz change for the kids and a better quality of life

    1. Totally blames the doctor as she’s eating a hamburger as fast as she can. Her kids are going to pay the price for this selfish behavior. You can’t lose weight because your kids are in school? WHAT?

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