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’My 600-Lb. Life’: Did Mark Rutland Make A Mistake?

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My 600-Lb. Life cast member, Mark Rutland is new to the show. As fans have watched him work with Dr. Now, they have noticed just how strong-willed he is. Mark is unlike some cast members because of his stubbornness. In fact, he isn’t so sure that Dr. Now’s diet will actually work on him. However, he sought Dr. Now’s help because he now weighs 715 pounds. He knows that he needs to work to lose this weight, but he thinks that he can do this on his own and without weight loss surgery. Has he made a grave mistake?

Mark’s Motivation

During the newest episode, Mark Rutland showed Dr. Now just how motivated he is. He is confident in himself that he can lose weight without the need for surgery. While fans were watching though, they felt that he was doing this so he can stay at home with his family longer and not have to move out and get a job. This episode focused pretty much on him being stubborn and not wanting surgery. However, watching him at home was painful to see. His daily chores are difficult for him to do and he said that they felt like ‘torture.’ If his chores feel this way, how does he think he can drop 500 pounds naturally?

As Mark and Dr. Now spoke, Dr. Now’s suggestion was to go on his 1,2000-calorie diet in order to drop the weight quickly. From the looks of it, he has been working hard on losing weight and has shared a lot of his progress with his followers on Instagram.

Where Is Mark Rutland Now?

Despite battling it out with his family and Dr. Now, fans really were compelled by Mark’s story. After his first weight check-in, he had lost a little less than 100 pounds by following Dr. Now’s diet and exercising more. When he got to 546 pounds, Dr. Now suggested that he had weight loss surgery. Mark refused to move to Texas to follow his program and he told him that he felt the surgery was deception. He continued to push himself to lose the weight naturally and struck down any conversations about surgery.

Mark Rutland- TLC
Mark Rutland- TLC

Dr. Now did tell him that if there were any snags in his weight loss, he would have to move to Texas so that he could work hand in hand with him on this program. The next time he weighed in, he had only lost one pound. Of course, this was a big letdown for Mark and Dr. Now. As fans watched, they got very irritated with him because he just can’t listen to Dr. Now. Only time will tell if Mark can do this all on his own.

Do you think that Mark will lose this weight on his own or will he end up getting surgery? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more My 600-Lb. Life. 

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  1. Mr. Rutland is the very definition of man-child. He was abusive to his parents, and his parents created this man-child. Being in your 40s and still living at home? Worst episode ever.

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