‘On Patrol: Live’ Gator Killed, Fans Outraged

Dan Abrams [Source: YouTube]

On Patrol: Live featured a segment in which a trapper kills an alligator. Fans expressed their outrage on social media. The Reelz docuseries is one of the highest-rated cable series and reality shows on Friday and Saturday nights. However, fans didn’t like seeing this incident play out in Dayton Beach, Florida.

Florida man bit by an alligator

This isn’t a headline you can’t make up. A Florida man got bit by an alligator. He found the creature at his front door on Saturday, March 4. Per The Dayton Beach News-Journal, the incident aired live on On Patrol: Live. A trapper arrived at the man’s home and killed the alligator.

Dan Abrams [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Many OP Nation fans flocked to Twitter to react. They were outraged when the officer said that the trapper didn’t plan to tranquilize the animal. They said the best option was to euthanize the animal. Host Dan Abrams caught wind of the backlash and issued a statement on his Twitter timeline.

“FYI #OPNation we didn’t know the gator was going to be killed (I was waiting for the ‘trapper’) and I didn’t even know it was dead (as opposed to tranquilized) until [the] officer on scene said so,” Dan wrote in his tweet. “Sorry to those who were upset by it. We always try to be as sensitive as possible.”

On Patrol: Live fans noticed that the alligator was unconscious as it struggled to move around. The alligator was 7 feet, 10 inches long, according to state-certified trapper Curtis Lucas.  He explained to The Daytona Beach News-Journal that the Florida resident assumed that someone was looking for his son and when he opened his door. The gator jumped at him and bit him in the thigh.

The man was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. This is the season for alligators to roam. Florida residents have to keep an eye out for the prowling animals. This story comes after an elderly died from a gator attack. She was walking her dog near the water until the animal dragged her into the water.

On Patrol: Live Panel [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

On Patrol: Live Nation mixed over the incident

Many fans flocked to Dan Abrams’ statement to share their thoughts. They were in support of the host who admitted that they try to steer away from sensitive scenes. On Patrol: Live tried to set itself apart from Live PD by not showing anything that would upset the viewers. However, these incidents can happen and most fans understand that.

  • “Nothing to apologize that’s just a great meal now! People need to stop being so sensitive over everything. I bet they were complaining while eating that fried chicken or hamburger.”
  • “This show is supposed to be as live look at police work & while I missed the live show tonight just remember if you feel offended by this just imagine all the gore first responders see daily but yet keep on keepin’ on.”
  • “That trapper was aggressive and had no time for this call or anything involved let alone officers. It could have been a child…. or a pet!”
  • “You should not be sorry. It’s reality.”
  • “I was surprised how much it shook me up. It was so unexpected. I naively thought the trapper was going to catch the gator and take him off to live his gator life somewhere safer for everyone.”

What are your thoughts on this reaction? Do you think On Patrol: Live should apologize for what happened? Or, do you think it’s part of reality? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. what most people are complaining about is that the trapper should of said what was going to happen so viewers have the opportunity to switch channels. we know the alligator had to be put down, but not on TV. the trapper should of given a heads up on what was going to happen.

    1. I agree – it was so distasteful what happened – we had no warning – I was stunned – it was so uncalled for –

    2. no the gator did not have to be put down he could have been relocated not like the gator had rabies an the police officers that were laughing should be disciplined it was heinous act the trapper was a rude an obnoxious person that should be fired

      1. I totally agree with you absolutely I even called TMC but apparently they have not reported anything about it. I was so pissed off!!!!

      2. I completely agree with you. I saw the episode last night on a streaming channel, I was disgusted by the events. Alligator should have been tranquilized and safely brought to a swamp location away from the homes.

    3. I don’t believe that gator “had” to be killed. It wasn’t even really that large. I think that trapper just didn’t want to spend the time and wanted to go home and back to bed. Plus he had some bonus gator meat and hide to sell.

  2. The only offensive thing was the “trapper’s” nasty & surly demeanor, rudely snapping at the film crew to turn off their lights.

    1. he was rude & not happy about having to get up & come out. Never tried to trap him. The guy was simply a d***. Not here to debate. Move on & have a great day.

  3. No apology necessary. I am a big animal lover but sometimes these things happen in real time. I don’t think anyone knew except the trapper.

    1. That gator should have been relocated. The so called trapper was an ass***e. He lived close to the swamp so the gators were there first. If you live in Florida expect gators. We live in California and we have rattlesnakes. And, they relocate them. A motion light would have taken care of the problem. He would have know something was out there.

  4. First off, nobody knew that the trapper was going to euthanize the gator. The trapper didn’t give anyone a heads up on what he was going to do. If he had, I am sure that the production crew would’ve killed the live feed. Heck, Dan Abrams was as shocked as the rest of us was. If you look on his Twitter page you will see that he did apologize. I am sure that this will be addressed Friday night on On Patrol First Shift.

    1. He didn’t “euthanize” the alligator. It looked like an electric shock. That alligator was tortured. I am not an expert, but it is my understanding you can’t “tranquilize” an alligator because it is too dangerous for the alligator.

  5. Such an uncaring jerk. Fire him! Anybody who treats any animal like that should be drug by his tail …theres has a place for people like him!

  6. absolutely not no apology necessary. people willing tune in to watch a LIVE , REALITY, police program that’s post a warning for graphic and intense content at the start of every show and several more times throughout every episode. if you choose to watch you made a decision that you were mature enough to handle it. If you’re on social media crying about it clearly you are not and might consider excusing yourself from watching further episodes.

    1. best response and true, that problem with world now they ignore all the warnings then want to protest if something happens they don’t like. it was a few seconds not even no blood or anything.

  7. I was upset just seeing the poor gator twitching after the first injection – i thought he was being tranqualized so he wouldnt be stressed during the drive being transported to another location…the second shot was given and then i really got upset when that asshole just dragged the poor gator all the way to the vehicle. At that point I was tearing up, but when I realized they killed it…omg, i lost it! I get that its a gator and sometimes things like that have to be done – but, come on!!!!! I live in Louisiana where people hunt, we have gators, etc! The homeowner that was bitten startled the gator and it reacted (as a wild animal will do). When we cut into their habitat to build houses – what are they supposed to do? In any case – whether it needed to be killed (i say it could and SHOULD have been relocated) – that shouldnt have happened on tv! I think something should be done so it doesnt happen again. For one, never EVER have that ahole ‘trapper’ work again…at least not anything thats being televised.

  8. There’s no need for OPL to apologize. However, the gator could have been trapped and relocated. The trapper shouldn’t be used by FL law enforcement any longer.

  9. When i saw it happen i was so in shock and sick to my stomach that i couldn’t think of anything else for the remainder of the night…that trapper should be put down just like the alligator! Some where Steve Irwin is crying! It should’ve been moved! Gators have attacked people and yet still moved!…The laughing cops should be fired! Whoever put on screen “see you later alligator” should also be fired! Something MUST be done to ALL of these people! The Jack*** Trapper, Those Cops, The Idiot in the Control Room!

  10. When i saw it happen i was so in shock and sick to my stomach that i couldn’t think of anything else for the remainder of the night…that trapper should be put down just like the alligator! Some where Steve Irwin is crying! It should’ve been moved! Gators have attacked people and yet still moved!…The laughing cops should be fired! Whoever put on screen “see you later alligator” should also be fired! Something MUST be done to ALL of these people! The Jack*** Trapper, Those Cops, The Idiot in the Control Room!

  11. Trapper was on a power trip when he arrived ordering everyone around. There are “tons” of trappers servicing Florida counties. This A-hole should be removed from the list of approved subcontractors. He needs to find work NOT involving animals. Secondly, alligato did not need to be killed. ALL aliigators maim and kill …. simply relocate him to one of the many desolate areas in Florida. Finally, nobody knew the “trapper” was going to KILL the alligator. Op Live was just as shocked and sickened as the rest of us. The entire incident is the fault of the renegade trapper.

    1. I was disgusted with the trapper attituded, get that light out of my eyes what a prick, not to mention it could have been televised in a manner that did not have to show the animal being killed,

  12. So sad how that whole alligator situation was handled. From the start to the finish.
    Everyone involve should think twice about how they act and handle situation

  13. I’m so disgusted and disappointed that the ‘trapper’ killed the gator. it’s not the gators fault that his/her territory is limited. It should have been really trapped and relocated. Really upset me. It’s not On Patrols fault but I would have liked to be warned when an animal is going to be shot on TV. Sad

  14. As an Aussie I have to say if thats the best you can get for a “trapper” in Florida thenj god help you all

  15. It was a cruel method. It took 2 agonizing attempts. They could have had someone catchpole it and gently tie it up and remove to a safer location.. the whole situation was horrible and sad.

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