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Jessa Seewald Loses Partnership Amid Miscarriage Controversy

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Former Counting On star Jessa Seewald has lost a brand partnership amid her public and controversial miscarriage. The Duggar daughter has been making headlines after suffering a miscarriage during the holiday season. Now, all of the talk about her loss has caught the attention of the brands she’s working with. So, what’s going on?

Jessa Seewald opens up about her miscarriage.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Jessa recently shared with fans that she suffered a miscarriage. She explained that she had a D&C, which is what sparked so much controversy. Some fans and critics said that she had an abortion, while others ran to her defense. She’s tried to defend herself and explain why she had a miscarriage rather than an abortion. Her husband Ben Seewald backed up his wife in a social media post, and Jinger Vuolo also broke her silence on the situation.

Since this is such a sensitive and controversial topic, some feel that the comments being made about Jessa Seewald online have gone too far.

Jessa Seewald Instagram
Jessa Seewald Instagram

Now, she’s facing other consequences while grieving her pregnancy loss.

How did she lose a partnership?

On her Instagram Stories, amid all of the miscarriage controversy, Jessa promoted a company called Mixtiles. The company offers printed framed photos that can be hung without nails or tools. She shared a couple of photos of herself creating a gallery wall in her home, showing fans how uses them. She also offered a promotional code for her followers to use. Jessa was paid by Mixtiles to promote their products or might be compensated for every sale made with her code.

On Reddita couple of Duggar Snarkers admitted that they contacted Mixtiles about Jessa Seewald’s recent miscarriage controversy. One Reddit user messaged Mixtiles on Instagram and said that Jessa was “heavily spreading misinformation about women’s reproductive healthcare.”

Ultimately, the company replied and said:

“Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. You can expect to see the partnership discontinued, as there’s a definite misalignment in values here.”

You can see some of the messages sent between Duggar Snarkers and Mixtiles below, as well as a snap of Jessa promoting the company.

Reddit - Jessa Seewald
Reddit – Jessa Seewald

So, does it surprise you that Jessa Seewald lost this brand partnership? Do you think this should have been the outcome? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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  1. What is wrong with people? She had a miscarriage, she may not have passed all of the fetus, and needed a DNC. It’s not an abortion. Get over it. The company that parted ways her is probably no loss for her!

  2. I do not think she should have lost that partnership. She shared her experience and her thoughts.

    I do not ever comment but.. That person could have easily not read the article, how petty he/she was. Essentially getting someone fired on purpose I have very little respect for a person like that and very little respect for the company that takes the comment of 1 person .

  3. I never comment. But none of us are Doctors. But have any of you thought that the fetus was already deceased? would you want to carry a deceased baby in your body till its due date? I know I wouldn’t. So Jessa you did what you thought was the right thing. I would have done the same thing, and I don’t believe in abortion.

  4. Whoa. Did Mixtiles verify what misinformation was being spread regarding womens health? It is very common that a D&C is done after a fetus dies.It is common to get ill after a fetus dies and it is left to disentregrate in the uterus. What someone chooses to do with their healthcare is private. Just as who you choose to enter into a relationship with. Freedom of religion and lifestyle is fundamental. You cant scream for your rights while stomping on someone elses rights. It is called being a hypocrite. A certain community is feeding their credibilty to the evil side of life. They are saying celebrate me/us and fall all over us in love of who we are. Mixtiles will probably not get my business now. And I will not bow down to a group who is acting a fool.

  5. I had a dnc after miscarriage and never considered it an abortion. It’s common practice after miscarriages. And I am. Prolife.. leave her alone it’s hard enough loosing a baby!!

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