Jim Bob Duggar Throws Joy & Austin Under The Bus

Jim Bob Duggar - YouTube - Joy and Austin Forsyth - YouTube

It looks like former TLC star Jim Bob Duggar has thrown his daughter Joy and son-in-law Austin Forsyth under the bus. Interesting things are happening within the family, and it seems like everything may not be going according to plan. What happened with Jim Bob, Joy, and Austin? How did he throw them under the bus? Keep reading for all of the details.

Counting On fans have been curious about where each of the Duggar kids stands with their father today. Several of the adult children have rebelled by wearing pants instead of dresses or by admitting to not being against the use of birth control. Some have also spoken out against the IBLP, which is the family’s religion.

Until now, it didn’t seem like there was too much drama or tension between Jim Bob Duggar and his daughter Joy and her husband Austin. But that might have changed now.

Jim Bob Duggar - YouTube - Joy and Austin Forsyth - YouTube
Jim Bob Duggar – YouTube – Joy and Austin Forsyth – YouTube

Jim Bob Duggar appears to have big plans in the works.

In a new Instagram post, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball claimed that a source said that Jim Bob has been hoping to start an RV park business. She said this is something he’s wanted to do for several years now, but it just hasn’t happened yet. It looks like he’s trying to work out all of the details and get the ball rolling though.

Katie Joy reported, “Locals suspected the property was owned by JB Duggar but due to his unpopularity some residents believed he used his son in law to do his bidding.”

Then, she added, “A former friend of JB’s tells WOACB that the last park fell apart because many neighbors wanted nothing to do with JB and the cult following he attracted to NWA.”

Because of this, Jim Bob Duggar decided to throw his daughter Joy and son-in-law Austin under the bus.

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Joy and Austin Forsyth are thrown under the bus.

In another Instagram post, Katie Joy explained what happened when Austin attended a planning board hearing regarding rezoning in the area. A source who attended the meeting offered details to Without a Crystal Ball. As Austin talked about the plans for the RV park, he was allegedly “heckled” by some of the neighbors who didn’t agree with the plans. Apparently, it didn’t go well and he wasn’t truly prepared.

The source explained, “I felt bad for Austin. It really felt like he was a puppet. It was clear this wasn’t his project at all, and that others were using him.”

Katie Joy seems to think that Jim Bob Duggar sent Austin to this meeting on his behalf. Of course, a lot of this is speculation. It’s unclear what’s really going on, but some Duggar fans are sensing something suspicious about this situation.

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A post shared by Katie Joy (@withoutacrystalball)

So, do you think that all of this is true? Can you believe that Jim Bob Duggar would throw his daughter Joy and son Austin Forsyth under the bus? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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