Jessa Seewald Shares Devastating Miscarriage Of 5th Child

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Former Counting On star Jessa Seewald revealed to fans that she suffered a devastating miscarriage of her fifth child. Sadly, rather than sharing some good news on social media, she shared about a tragic loss. Keep reading for all of the details about the loss and see what Ben and Jessa have shared about it so far.

Currently, Jessa and Ben have four kids, Spurgeon, Henry, Ivy, and Fern. Before welcoming Fern to their family, they sadly had a miscarriage. Fortunately, all four of the kiddos are healthy and happy.

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Duggar fans were left feeling confused by Jessa’s recent video.

The Duggar daughter shared a new YouTube video early on Friday, which talked about her “happy news.” But the ending left fans confused. The beginning of the video shows Ben and Jessa telling their kids about the baby on the way. They even discuss name ideas.

Below, you can see an illustration the parents shared with their children to show that Jessa was expecting.

Jessa Seewald YouTube
Jessa Seewald YouTube

The final few seconds of the video are rather somber, however. As we reported, Jessa Seewald showed a sonogram photo that reads, “No FHR.” This is the acronym for “No fetal heart rate.”

In a voiceover, the Duggar daughter said, “All seemed to be going well until, just a few days before Christmas, I began having some spotting. And little did we know, our world was about to be turned upside down.” 

Then, the video ended. It’s worth noting that spotting and not being able to find the heartbeat aren’t definite signs of miscarriage. But based on the ending of the video, fans assumed the worst.

Jessa Seewald shares about the devastating miscarriage of her 5th child.

A few hours after posting her first video, Jessa shared another video titled “Heartbreak Over the Holidays.” She revealed that she was having some spotting, which she hasn’t experienced this late in her other pregnancies. They scheduled an ultrasound as soon as possible and learned that the baby did not have a heartbeat.

She ended up having to have a D&C. Throughout the video, the Duggar daughter got very raw and honest about her loss.

Keep Jessa and Ben’s family in your thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.

So, were you confused by Jessa Seewald’s first YouTube video? Did you think she had a miscarriage? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news. Below, you can watch the new YouTube video.

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