Isabel Roloff Learns The Truth About Getting Older

From Little People, Big World, Isabel Roloff is ready to share her positive energy with her followers on social media. However, there have been quite a few moments recently when she told fans that she was in a dark place. Now, it turns out that she has started learning more life lessons. The most recent one she wanted to share was all about getting older. What has she learned about it? Let’s find out.

Isabel Roloff’s Life Lessons

Isabel does enjoy sharing her insight with her fans and she likes getting their feedback as well. Recently, she asked moms what their affirmations were to boost their confidence. She said that she knows that she is a good mother, but she could just use a little boost every now and then. When Isabel Roloff reached out to her fans about her anxiety, they also gave their feedback, so it is not unlike her to ask for help. This time around, though, she decided it was time to share the truth she has learned about getting older.

Isabel Roloff- Instagram
Isabel Roloff- Instagram

More so, Isabel shared two posts recently on her Instagram account about getting older. In her Story, she shared a photo of herself with her hands on her hips. She captioned it, “Getting older just means liking yourself a little more all the time, which is pretty neat.” Isabel then used the same photo to go deeper into putting pressure on herself at her age.

Isabel’s Heartbreak

As fans have started to watch Isabel’s posts more often, they noticed one that really stuck out in the last few days. She openly spoke about how her mother, who died of breast cancer, is always with her. In fact, she admitted that as Mateo has started to learn how to speak, he has tried to say the word ‘horse.’ She shared with her fans that her mother used to love riding horses and horses loved her too. Isabel also pointed out that her mother was born in the year of the horse and died in it as well.


Of course, her fans thought it was a sign that Isbael constantly sees horses around her and that Mateo tried to say that word. They told her that this meant her mother is watching over her no matter what. Interestingly enough, Amy Roloff chimed in and told her that she may need to buy a horse in the future. Now that Isabel has started to get more horse things, it looks as if she can’t escape her mother’s joy.

Do you like the inspirational posts that Isbael shares with her fans? What advice would you give her based on her posts? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World. 

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