‘Return To Amish’ Where Do Sabrina & Jethro Currently Stand?

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Return to Amish is back on March 14th and in the trailer, Sabrina Burkholder is pregnant. She is expecting her fifth child, her third with Jethro Nolt. However, that was filmed a long time ago and a lot has transpired between the two. So, where do they currently stand? Read on for more details.

Return To Amish Where Do Sabrina & Jethro Currently Stand?

Both Sabrina Burkholder and Jethro Nolt are back for Season 7 of Return to Amish. In the trailer, she reveals that she is pregnant again, just like in Season 6. This is her third child with Nolt who she is constantly on and off with. They split after she had their daughter, Skylar because he was texting other girls. Then, he proceeded to do what he could to win her back and that resulted in another pregnancy. She gave birth to Kalani in September 2021. Eventually, she and Jethro called it quits for good.

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Now that the show is back, Sabrina has another surprise up her sleeve. She just welcomed her sixth child, which was a surprise to almost everyone who followed her. The belief was that it was Jethro’s baby. However, per In Touch Weekly, this is untrue. Apparently, Sabrina has moved on with her new boyfriend, Scottie. He is her new baby, Aro’s father. “My boyfriend Scottie and I welcomed Aro with open arms, and we are very, very happy!” Burkholder shared.

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Yet, there is a complete statement on her Instagram page and she reveals the truth about her and Jethro. “Zekiah, Skylar, Kalani and I have not seen Jethro in person since 2021. For the sake of our children, I have chosen not to speak publicly about Jethro at this time. I wish him nothing but the very best ❤️,” she wrote. She concluded it with the part about her and Scottie having welcomed Aro. Interestingly enough, Jethro’s Facebook has a profile picture with Sabrina from August 2022.

What’s The Story?

Return to Amish, as aforementioned, was filmed quite some time ago, back in 2021. Therefore, no one will know the complete story of the breakdown between Jethro and Sabrina. Plus, it is doubtful that fans will get to see her meet her love, Scottie unless there is a Season 8. Jethro has not refuted this story yet he still posts pictures with him and a baby as of late 2022. Hopefully, they both find happiness and Sabrina is truly in a good place with Scottie. She had a rough road to sobriety and now takes it very seriously. More so, she deserves someone she can depend on and it looks like she may have found that.

Are you shocked that Sabrina has a new man and has not seen Jethro since 2021? Let us know and watch the Season 7 premiere of Return to Amish March 14th on TLC.

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