Jill Dillard Takes Her Kids To Court, Why?

Jill Dillard- Instagram

Jill Dillard, from Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting, has given some space between her and her famous family. These days she has been taking care of her children and supporting her husband, Derick Dillard in his law career. In one of her recent posts on Instagram, she shared a photo of her kids in court. Yet, why would she take them? Let’s find out here.

Jill Educates Her Children

Derick and Jill have three small children. Jill Dillard stays at home with them while Derick works at his law firm in Oklahoma. This past week, Jill took their kids to court so that they could see more of what their father does for work. She shared an adorable picture of them all at the courthouse on Instagram. She captioned this photo, “We went to court yesterday afternoon and enjoyed seeing a little more of Derick’s job. Then we enjoyed outside time in the park and found a cute boutique.” The picture showed the two oldest children looking through a window, while the baby was sleeping. Her fans were quick to share what they thought of them going to court to see him in action.

Jill Dillard- Instagram
Jill Dillard- Instagram

One of Jill Dillard’s fans wrote, “This is good education for the boys to see how things work in the legal system.” Another added, “Your boys must be so proud and mesmerized by seeing their dad do what he loves. He’s such a great role model for them.” From the looks of it, most of Jill’s fans thought it was a great idea to bring the kids to see what their dad does at work every day. It turns out that Jill does anything she can to help show support to her family.

Jill Dillard Supports Her Sister

After her sister, Jinger released a tell-all memoir, Jill has been very open about supporting her. Even though the book threw their religion and lifestyle under the bus, Jill continues to promote the book to her fans. She has told them where they can buy the book and just how proud she is of her sister. More so, she shared a photo of the book that Jinger sent her and let her fans know just how great it was. However, some of the Duggars are not very happy with the book because of the information revealed about their religion.

Jill Dillard- Instagram
Jill Dillard- Instagram

In addition to having Jill’s support, it turns out that Jinger has Amy King’s as well. It looks as if these women are standing by one another no matter what. More so, fans feel that they are pretty liberal for the Duggar family.

Do you like that Jill took the kids to see what their dad does? We would like to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Duggars.

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