‘Family By The Ton’: Casey King SHOCKS Fans In 2023 Update

Casey King from Family By The Ton, TLC

Casey King introduced himself to TLC viewers when he made his first appearance on Family By The Ton. At the time, Casey weighed in at 845 pounds and had a very serious food addiction. He wanted to make a change but had trouble motivating himself to work on his habits. Before starting a weight loss program, Casey spent most of his day in bed playing video games and snacking.

But as of March 2023, Casey King is an entirely different person. He’s here to show off his epic transformation and discuss what life has been like for him over the past few years.

Keep reading to learn more about the Family By The Ton star’s whereabouts today.

Casey King has undergone a major transformation

These days, Casey King is practically unrecognizable from his time on TLC. He recently uploaded a series of Instagram photos comparing his former appearance to some recent selfies.

In the comments, fans praised Casey for working hard and pushing towards his goals. But they also want to learn more about his current life.

Casey King from Family By The Ton, Instagram
Casey King/Instagram

The reality star recently spoke to TMZ about his experience with his weight loss. The transformation is truly remarkable!

In the interview, Casey reveals that his weight actually hurt his love life, but he’s gained much more confidence now that he’s put it behind him. Now, he dates more frequently. The 38-year-old admitted he is single at the moment, however.

TMZ reports that Casey King now weighs in at 232, which is a 613 lb weight loss from his first TLC appearance.

Casey King from Family By The Ton, Instagram
Casey King/Instagram

Things are going well these days for Casey King, but he’s still not fully satisfied with his body. As is the case with many people who have lost a significant amount of weight, Casey is struggling with loose skin.

In a 2022 Instagram post, Casey posted a video of his smaller frame with loose skin hanging off of it. Skin removal surgery may be in his future, but fans will have to stick around and wait for more updates.

What’s the status on the skin removal surgery?

Casey King would love to have skin removal surgery, but it’s going to be an incredibly costly procedure. Right now, he has a GoFundMe available to raise the money to pay for the surgery.

As of March 2023, he has raised $19,340 raised of the $15,000 goal. The most recent donations have come in during the last 24 hours. Fans continue to leave positive, uplifting comments on the campaign. 

“You are such an amazing person and a true inspiration,” one donor wrote to Casey. “You should be so proud of how your story is affecting so many lives. Can’t wait to see you after the procedure.”

Are you proud of Casey King’s progress? Leave your thoughts in the comments and check back soon for more news and updates!

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