Abandoned By Dr. Now? Fans Support Casey King’s Skin Removal

casey king my 600 lb life

Seemingly abandoned by Dr. Now of My 600-Lb. Life, Casey King is finding support elsewhere for his skin removal surgery. GoFundMe reached out to TvShowsAce to call our attention to a campaign for the former My 600-Lb. Life and Family By The Ton star.

casey king my 600lb life

As we reported last month, the update on Casey King’s weight loss journey and where he is now is phenomenal. The TLC personality has reportedly lost nearly 600 pounds. The biggest downside to losing that much weight is the massive amount of excess skin it leaves behind.

Now, My 600-Lb. Life paints the picture of Dr. Now offering morbidly obese individuals an opportunity to lose weight and later return for skin removal at absolutely no cost. The show reportedly pays cast members a talent fee and covers the cost to move cast members to Texas to receive care from Dr. Now.

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It, however, appears as if Dr. Now of My 600-Lb. Life has abandoned Casey King and forced him to resolve the hefty medical bills that come attached to skin removal on his own. Fortunately, a representative of GoFundMe tells us Casey King is having a wildly successful campaign to cover the cost of skin removal. Will he gather enough money for the procedure he needs?

My 600-Lb. Lifes fans rally to support Casey King’s skin removal surgery

Just 24 hours ago, a GoFundMe campaign was created on behalf of Casey King. “Help Casey Fund His Skin Removal Surgery,” the campaign read as it asked for $15,000. The campaign also very briefly reminded everyone who Casey King was.

Casey King who was featured on My 600 Lb Life has now lost over 595 pounds but now he wants to take the next step, which is getting all his excess skin removed with the help of a skin removal surgery.”

Casey King Go Fund me

Unfortunately, this campaign does suggest Casey King is not receiving any support from Dr. Now or production on his continued weight loss journey. So, he was forced to figure out how to pay for skin removal on his own. The campaign reveals skin removal surgery comes with a pretty hefty price tag of $15,000.

Despite how negative and crude My 600-Lb. Life fans can be at times, they always love seeing a motivated cast member. Likewise, viewers admit they do want to see happy stories with cast members actually losing weight. So, My 600-Lb. Life fans were more than happy to rally behind Casey and donate money to help support him in getting the funds he needs.

Family By The Ton Casey King
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In just 24 hours, Casey King has raised all of the money he needs to pay for the procedure — and then some. Presently, his campaign reveals 751 people have donated $16,085 to help Casey King.

The TLC star reacts to raising the funds

Casey King reacted to how successful the GoFundMe campaign was on Facebook. He admits he’s a bit speechless by how kind a group of strangers has been. He adds that he truly appreciates all of the help he is getting with his skin removal procedure.

casey king fb

Casey penned: “I don’t even know how to put into word what they’re doing for me.”

You can see exactly what Casey King’s GoFundMe campaign has raised by clicking here. Keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest My 600-Lb. Life news.

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