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Janelle Brown Gets Weird For Breakfast: Photo

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Sister Wives cast member, Janelle Brown has been eating much healthier than ever before. She has been promoting her healthy habits with her fans. In one of her recent posts, she mentioned that even while she is in North Carolina, she has hired a trainer. Along with that trainer, she has changed up how she eats too. Recently, she shared a picture of her breakfast in her Instagram Stories. It looked a little weird to fans. Here’s why.

The Weird Breakfast

Janelle Brown has changed a lot since leaving Kody Brown’s polygamist dream. In fact, she has been pushing the Plexus products on her social media accounts to make extra money. Not only that, she has been using these products to lose weight. From the looks of it, she is dropping more pounds and pushing herself to the limits. In her recent Story, she shared a picture of her breakfast. She captioned it, “Salmon for breakfast I guess. Weird, maybe. I wanted it so bad and so I cooked it (it was for dinner). I’ve been fighting a head cold for the last five days and I just can’t seem to get enough fish. Scallops, shrimp, halibut, and salmon. It must have a nutrient that I need.”

Janelle Brown- Instagram
Janelle Brown- Instagram

Janelle’s breakfast didn’t seem too weird if it were for dinner, but her fans were a little shocked that she made it for the first meal of the day. It included salmon and some greens, so it does look as if she was getting a lot of nutrients in it. Knowing Janelle, she more than likely had her Plexus drinks, also sold by Christine Brown,  with her delicious, but strange breakfast.

Janelle Brown And Christine’s Friendship

Recently Christine told her fans that she was headed out to North Carolina to meet Janelle’s new daughter, Joey. Some fans noticed that they didn’t seem as if they were getting along though. They have always been very close friends but got much closer when they both left Kody. From the looks of their social media profiles, they may not be as close as they once were and fans were quick to point that out.

Janelle Brown- Instagram
Janelle Brown- Instagram

Even though Christine talked about how she was going to North Carolina, there haven’t been any posts of the two of them together. Christine took a few pictures of Maddie’s new baby, but Janelle wasn’t in any of them. Christine has also shared a lot of photos of Mykelti’s twins and Janelle has not been present. They actually haven’t been featured in one another’s photos in quite some time. Their fans hope things aren’t bad between the two of them.

What do you think about Janelle’s breakfast salmon? Is this something that you would eat for breakfast? Let us know in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives. 

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  1. Ah, yes, shilling a garbage drink from hexus. A scam, a rip off an MLM. Explain why anyone should trust these grifters and liars?

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