Amy King Neglects To Shield Daxton From Immediate Danger

Amy King- Instagram

Amy King, who is known for being one of the Duggar’s cousins, has been very active on social media since she left the show. She has always been seen as the black sheep of the family because of her liberal views. In one of her most recent posts on Instagram, she shared some photos of her son, Daxton. Her fans were shocked to see that he was climbing on the furniture and jumping off! Of course, this had them worried that he was in danger.

Daxton’s Dangerous Actions

When Amy shared pictures of Daxton on Instagram, she wrote, “Good morning to my lil monkey Spider-Man cutie! Haha this boy is fearless!!” She then added a message about online predators and how children need to be protected. She put a blue heart emoji over his shirtless body. The emoji wasn’t the thing that caught fans’ eyes though. They noticed that he was standing on top of a grey and black dresser that didn’t look very stable. Instead of commenting about his online safety, Amy King’s fans were quick to start in on the fact that he was in potential danger.

Amy King- Instagram
Amy King- Instagram

Fans started in on Amy quickly after seeing this post. One fan wrote to her, “I pray that shelf is secure!! I no longer post any child pictures online because of the Duggars.” This comment was seen as a low blow since Amy’s cousin, Josh Duggar is in prison due to child pornography charges. Another fan added, “Um… how about we don’t let our kids climb on the high furniture? What about that danger?” Most of her fans were thankful for the tip about emojis on photos of children, while others told her just how adorable Daxton is!

Amy King’s Parenting Questioned

Amy has been questioned a lot when it comes to Daxton’s safety. Some of her fans have seen her child in danger just from being around the house. In fact, in one of her posts, she was teaching him how to use the kitchen knives. This, of course, shocked her fans and made them curious about how safe her home is. She has shared many photos of him in crazy positions, including one where he climbed inside the fridge so that he could get a snack. He really is like Spider-Man.

After fans saw the fridge footage, they were terrified for Daxton’s safety. Not to mention, he has gone on his four-wheeler without wearing a helmet! Of course, Amy hasn’t really made statements about fan reactions, but it turns out that she feels she’s got it all under control. This is the price people pay for being famous and sharing their life on social media. There are always critics.

Amy King- Instagram
Amy King- Instagram

Do you think that Amy King is being negligent or that Daxton is just a little rambunctious? Is she letting him be a child or should she tell him not to climb on the furniture? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more of the Duggars and Amy King.

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