Leticia Cline & Mike Wolfe [Source: Instagram]

Mike Wolfe’s Hot Young Gf Bares Arms In New Snap

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Mike Wolfe has a hot younger girlfriend, whom fans got to know over the years. Leticia Cline took to Instagram to bare her arms. She shared a new snapshot. Keep on reading to learn more and to see the shot for yourself.

Leticia Cline embraces her inner rockstar

The reality star looked unrecognizable in her new selfie. On Sunday, February 26, Leticia Cline took to her Instagram Stories to share a snapshot of herself embracing her inner rockstar. The model wore a black sleeveless turtleneck that bared her arms. She unveiled her arm sleeves.

Leticia Cline & Mike Wolfe [Source: Leticia Cline - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Leticia Cline – Instagram Stories]
Leticia paired her punk-rock look with black cargo pants that featured chains and a black belt. She also wore a stack of silver and black bracelets. The blonde beauty wore her hair in a chic updo. Leticia didn’t provide any context for her photo. She smiled as she snapped the photo in her bedroom.

The Beauty and the Geek alum shocked fans with her latest look. The 44-year-old looked like a rockstar. She also showed off her tattoos, which she usually covers up with T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. One tattoo on her forearm featured a buffalo’s head, while there was an eagle on her left wrist.

Engaged to Mike Wolfe?

Fans also noticed a ring on that finger. Leticia wore a simple silver band on her wedding finger. Some have wondered if this means she’s engaged to Mike Wolfe. The two have kept quiet about their relationship.

Leticia Cline Bares Arms [Source: Leticia Cline - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Leticia Cline – Instagram Stories]
They don’t share too much on social media. Surprisingly, the quiet is typically quiet. Mike Wolfe has been involved with the former Playboy model since August 2021, when they first went public with their relationship. In 2020, Mike filed for divorce from his ex-wife Jodi.

Leticia Cline reveals her scars

Earlier this month, Leticia revealed her scars in a previous Instagram post. She talked about her 2018 trip to Thailand. Mike Wolfe’s long-term girlfriend took to her Instagram Stories to share a snapshot of herself in her underwear. Leticia puckered at the camera as she snapped a photo of herself in a navy blue cropped T-shirt with underwear.

She propped her knee on the table in front of her. The television personality wore a cast on her right leg. Leticia also rolled up her right sleeve to show off her scar. She addressed the scars that she got from that trip.

Leticia Cline Shows Her Scars [Source: Leticia Cline - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Leticia Cline – Instagram Stories]
“Found this photo from Thailand a few years back,” Leticia wrote in her post via her Instagram Stories. “I’m a lot happier when I have the scars to prove it.”

She received the scars from an injury that took place in Thailand. At the time, Leticia didn’t have as many tattoos as she does now. What are your thoughts on Mike Wolfe’s hot young girlfriend baring her arms? Sound off below in the comment section.

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