Janelle Brown Wants Action As Kody Courts New Potential Wife?

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Janelle Brown took to Instagram to tell her 998K followers she was ready to spring into action just as her ex-husband Kody and her former sister wife Robyn were spotted with a mysterious blonde woman. Unsurprisingly, Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but wonder if Kody and Robyn were potentially courting a new wife. Likewise, fans couldn’t ignore the timing of Janelle’s post lining up so perfectly with Kody being spotted with a potential new wife.

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Out with the old, in with the new?

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted with a mysterious blonde woman in Las Vegas Turns out, Meri Brown was also with them. Though, fans really can’t fathom a hint of an idea as to why Meri was there. In addition to being disgusted by Meri’s desperation, fans were also disgusted that Kody Brown would have more of an interest in finding a new wife as opposed to fixing his relationship with any of the wives he currently has.

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As far as fans know, Kody and Janelle Brown technically aren’t divorced just yet. Technically, they are just separated. So, there is always a chance they could work things out and get back together. That, however, makes the idea that Kody might be courting a new wife even more disgusting to fans as they think he should work things out with Janelle first.

Janelle Brown is ready for some action

In a video clip that was intended to promote Plexus, Janelle Brown admitted that she was “ready to spring into action.” The video kicked off with Janelle wrapped in a sweater as she shivered and admitted she was sick of the cold and damp weather. As Sister Wives fans know, Janelle is a woman who enjoyed living the RV lifestyle. This is a woman who wanted her own greenhouse and enjoyed being outdoors. She was probably the most passionate of the bunch when it came to living on Coyote Pass. So, it isn’t too surprising that she’s itching for warmer seasons to roll in so she can get out there and be more active.


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Focusing on Janelle wanting action, fans couldn’t help but draw a connection to the fact that Kody might very well be getting action from a new potential wife. And, fans can’t help but wonder if that stirred something up inside of Janelle that made her yearn for a little action and romance.

Are fans making a connection that isn’t really there? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives. 

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  1. Instead of Kody taking Robyn on trips and shopping shouldn’t he be paying child support for kids under 18.

    1. Absolutely should be paying child support. He created them and needs to help raise them. He has gotten off for much too long. What he has/is doing is a crime against children and mothers.

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