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‘SW’ History: Why Did Robyn Brown Leave Her First Husband?

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Robyn Brown, a cast member of Sister Wives, is now the only wife left in her polygamous marriage. She married Kody Brown in 2014 and was the last wife. It turns out that she was married once before and had children with her first husband. She ended up leaving him shortly after having her children. Fans are curious as to why she left him. Let’s find out.

The First Marriage For Robyn Brown

Robyn was previously married to a man named David Jessop. She has rarely talked about her first marriage, but she does have three children with him. Robyn Brown was extremely young when they were married in 1999. They ended up divorcing in 2007. Back in an episode in 2013, she opened up more about her first marriage. She told the cameras, “When I found out that I was pregnant, I was devastated at that point. I spent the next nine years trying to make it right. I was trying so hard to love my husband at the time.”

Sister Wives- TLC
Sister Wives- TLC

Why did Robyn leave Jessop? It turns out that he was not a good man to her or her children. From the looks of it, he was very abusive to Robyn and their children. All she wanted to do was to get out of this horrible marriage. She saw her marriage to Kody being much better for her and for her children.

Who Is David Jessop?

When fans found out about Robyn Brown’s ex-husband, they started digging into his story. In fact, rumors began to circulate that he could be related to Kody. It turns out that Christine Brown and Jessop are actually first cousins. From the looks of his family tree, there are a lot of people in it. Nonetheless, Kody still decided to add Robyn to their marriage as his fourth wife.

Are Kody and Robyn trying to find another wife? Do they want to try again with their life of polygamy? There have been rumors about them being in Las Vegas with another woman. This could mean that they have started courting once again. From the looks of it, this could be something they want to do, but they have not made an official statement about it yet. Robyn has actively said that she would never want to be in a monogamous relationship after she has been in this marriage for so long.


What do you think about Robyn leaving her first husband? Do you think that her marriage with Kody is much better than with David? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us here at TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.

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