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Kody & Robyn Brown Plan To Rebuild With Obedient Wives?

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Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown have always claimed to follow an egalitarian setup in their plural marriage. In this setup, women enjoy a degree of independence even when taking decisions as a family. However, now that Christine has left the family and is off to a new start, Kody and Robyn wish to change things. Fans now feel that they wish to recreate the family with obedient wives. Why do they think so? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody And Robyn Brown Wish For Power Over Other Wives

A couple of years ago, Kody openly questioned on the show whether or not polygamy was a failed experiment that affected his wives’ happiness. Now that Christine has left, the Brown family patriarch is wounded by the loss of power. Not just that, he has also retaliated by trying to tighten his control over his remaining wives. He declared that their family practices patriarchy while demanding compliance from his wives to his will.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Fans feel that Kody is reciprocating what Robyn feels and there might be truth to it. Instead of gaining respect and power through love, he decided to opt for a dictator-like mentality. He even declared control and power while forcing submission to his will.

Kody And Robyn Want Obedient Wives With No Outside Influence

On Reddit, fans have discussed how the duo wishes to recreate the family with obedient wives after Christine made them feel powerless. The discussion started with the OP stating that Kody avoided his other wives and even his kids using COVID as an excuse. They claimed Robyn and Kody want to be monogamous but do not wish to lose power over other wives.

Another fan added, “He and Sobyn are planning on rebuilding with obedient wives…”

“Straight off the compound! So that society can’t influence them to think for themselves and be independent women, which are his kryptonite,” chimed a third fan.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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A fourth fan wrote, “And Kody will be the new church leader. And Sobyn will be the first wife who makes sure everyone is amply miserable and under-fed.”

“You forgot the most important role of hers. To collect the tithes,” quipped another.

Kody Brown Claims Robyn Is The Obedient Wife

Meri and Janelle Brown have stuck around with Kody for a long time. However, they are independent women who aren’t compliant enough for the Brown family patriarch and his favorite wife. He even claimed that Robyn is the obedient wife in their polygamist arrangement given how she always nods to what he wants.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think Robyn and Kody are scared of independent women being a part of their family? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. They can’t control the other women and money now, who made that poor excuse of a man king and her Sobyn queen. I hope they all leave.

    1. Brenda exectly he’s a poor excuse of a man for sure .he’s treated Meri Christine and Jenelle like second class citizens and he’s the jerk and before I forget get a haircut cootie you look a mess

  2. Robyn keeps telling Meri to hang in there and to stay in the relationship with Kody. What kind of person or “friend” would encourage a woman to stay in a loveless marriage? Robyn is only keeping Meri around for money. She loves to control Meri. It’s so sad!!

  3. Kody is a jerk!! He ignores his biological children and caters to sobyn Robyn’s children!! He’s always been partial to Robyn. We hope Janelle dumps him!!
    Janelle deserves so much more than what Kody can give her. She needs a real man that loves her. So happy that Christine dumped his sorry butt. Hope Janelle follows in Christine’s footsteps!!

    1. I hope Janelle leaves.. these women need to set examples for their sons and daughters.. do not treat women like your father and do not allow your daughters to accept the treatment you all have.. and too love your children equally and unconditionally

  4. it’s about time these smart beautiful woman dump this loser he doesn’t do the manly things like PROVIDE PROTECT OR PARENT his children he is a total joke and not even attractive him and Robin deserve each other she looks as miserable as he is. my heart goes out to the other wives they all even Jenelle are beautiful!!!! robin is just YUCK from looks to personality she is AWFUL. THE FACT THAT SHE CAME INTO THIS MARRIAGE WITH DEBT AND CHILDREN AND NOW IS THE ONE THAT LIVES IN THE MANSION WHO HAS THE NICE DESIGNER THINGS WHY THE OTHER WIVES ARE FORCED TO WORK SELL THEIR PROPERTIES AND THEN GIVE CODY AND ROBIN THE MONEY THIS IS CRAZY WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD MAKE THAT LOSER MAN GO GET A JOB AND IF HE WANTS THREE WIVES BE ABLE TO SUPPORT ALL THREE OF THEM

    1. yeap I agree, that’s why there mad, they aren’t mad that Christine left emotionally there mad because that’s part of the money bag, that’s all Christine was, and Janelle and, Meri

  5. Haven’t figured out who is the bigger manipulator. Kody may be inspired by Sobyn, but he seems giddy about keeping isolated with her kids. He even drops hints at times that he’d even prefers to be done with Sobyn as well as the others. It seems like he’s bored with old wives and wants young meat to rule over. He’s told all of them how he’s not in their marriages to push them out, but forcing them to take action so he can look the victim and not take responsibility for it ending.
    My bet is he’d use her as long as he could to rebuild another more controlled cult, then push her out if a new, younger lemming could be had. Maybe her daughters could be potential wives, many of them do marry step children, especially since the brain games have been applied for years prior to marrying.

  6. Janelle and Meri need to leave! They are only being used for the money. What have Kody and Snobin contributed? She contributed massive debt when she entered the family and THEY paid it off, because KODY said they had to. And why will Robin not allow any filming in her house?? What are they hiding?? She doesn’t work. Never has, yet she has a maid and a nanny. Who pays for that stuff? what does Kody do for income? I don’t remember them ever saying what his job is, other then popping out kids and neglecting his duty as a father!!! I don’t care what was going on in the country or world, my child was having surgery across the country I’d move heaven and earth to be their and so would have my ex husband. who was remarried and had a new family. he loved ALL his children. Kody cares only about himself and his needs and Snobin and her kids. no wonder his kids hate him!! I think he is the definition of a narcissistic POS!!!

    1. I was screaming at the tv when he didn’t go to his daughters surgery and just the thought of him saying how about we just send her on her own . you pos cootie for that alone you don’t deserve those kids . I had spinal surgery when I was 40 and my dad was with me every day and my dad wouldn’t have been anywhere else .same with my kids I would move mountains to be with them like you said . I still can’t believe he wasn’t there omfg

  7. The problem is they need more money and Robyn doesn’t work!! Merri get out while you can! Robyn has pulled the purse strings and the sex !!Robyn is the youngest and Cody never came around the other kids but made sure he was at Obedient Robyn home every night!! I forgot the million dollar home!!!

    1. agree totally these women need deprogramming they have grown up in this lifestyle and it cult like behavior and think it’s normal

    2. And so is Robyn offering up her 2 daughters she had with Jessop? Kody acts like they are in a relationship already..Slobbing long kisses on the lips in a deep bear hug..sobbing because he hadn’t seen them in 10 days..and carrying them like their babies. …something is going on…

  8. Kody is clearly a narcissist ,and only cares about himself he is a greedy self centered jerk the only reason he’s mad at Janelle, Meri and Christine is he now has no money of his own So I can’t stress this enough ladies get out now!!! follow in Christine’s footsteps

  9. If ANY woman who has even caught the slightest glimpse of this program would most definitely have to have been lobotomised to even contemplate wanting to enter in to that dysfunctional ‘family ‘

  10. Meri needs to follow Christine’s exit strategy she has her own bed and breakfast she has money why would you want to be in a loveless marriage? Janelle how dare he tell you that your children need to apologize to Robyn the hell with both him and Robyn get out. you have a beautiful family and your kids don’t have to cater to him or to Robyn

  11. when the show first started I liked Robyn and kody.. but now they’ve lost all appeal to me. Robyn always looks like she’s lost her favorite toy, and kody has just lost his mind. he looks wild. I think kody is worried he may lose everything (except Robyn) I feel sorry for the children. God bless the children.

  12. Who in the world does Robyn’s makeup? Those eyebrows are so awful looking, and does she ever smile? Kody is a jerk and Janelle and Meri should just leave. Kody needs to do something with that hair he looks like a wild crazy man, who would want to have him he is not attractive at all. How can Kody treat his children like dogs. Oh! he feels unloved, and being treated with disloyalty. He should look back on previous shows where he talks about how he never had feelings for Christine but had to perform his duties as a husband. Now he starting on Janelle. I think Meri is crazy to hang in there and the things Kody says of her. Oh! but eyebrows crazy looking Robyn and her children are all he needs. Does Robyn have something wrong with her not going out to get a job or clean house and take care of her children. I don’t believe Kody really wants to build on Coyote Pass for then he will be stuck with Meri and Janelle. He wants them to leave so he and Robyn can build and live on Coyote Pass.

  13. I actually think Sobyn Robyn loves that Janelle isn’t obedient, because it makes her appear more desirable, and keeps her in her secure position of being the primary. She’s done a really good job of guiding Kody to believe she’s the victim. Robyn would lose her mind if she felt she was loosing control and had real competition.
    I love that Janelle isn’t taking the upcoming loss of the relationship bad, she has strengths and resources…She’s been with Kody for 30-years, given birth to a dozen of his kids, and financially supported him, if he can’t acknowledge her contribution and “loyalty” then there’s no hope, rigamortus has set in on this relationship. Run Janelle runnnnnn….

    1. I believe Robin is Offering Kody her Daughters she had with Jessop…his kisses them on the mouth in a deep hug

      1. yes I totally agree with u, I’ve thought that from the beginning, that would be awful and shame on Robyn for allowing that, kodys been grooming them since day one and Robyn to.

  14. After seeing the picture of how he kissed one of Robins daughters I wonder if he isn’t planning on marrying her .

  15. I love the theatrics. what goes on behind closed doors is something we will never see.
    Kody’s is a narcissist whose ego is so large, it makes Jupiter look like a dwarf planet.
    His marriages are failing because of Sobyn. The other wives are growing tired of her. She manipulated and power hungry and Kody knows it and well as his other wives
    It would serve Kody right if the other Sister Wives left him to

  16. Kody swapping the deep kiss with Robin’s older daughters by Jessop and sobbing because he didnt see them for 10 days and then carrying them like babies in his arms….Believe he already has plans for Robin/Jessop daughters..SICK PERVERTED MAN…NOT LEGAL IN ARIZONA

  17. As soon as a younger, prettier wife comes along, sobbin robyn the narcissistic manipulator will be moved down the pole. Pervert kody is a controlling deadbeat who doesn’t work and expects his wives to pay for his upkeep. The other women need to run far, run fast and never look back.

  18. can we put this crap to rest please!!! in our culture of anything goes why the hatred on these weird ones ? Please choose some other degenerate/s !! this is old

  19. Kody needs to be obedient to God and married to one woman. This is why his house has fallen like a deck of cards.

    1. this sister wives has turned into a crappy program. how hasCody supported his wives and kids all this time? And pay mortgages on all those beautiful houses? after the kids and ladies are all gone he and Robin need to go to a nice quiet part of their dream state and leave the other ladies alone and they can live their lives the way they want to. just have an open door policy that his kids can visit them and they can attend school functions. By the way, Cody those girls are to young for you kissing them like you do. unless you want to be looked like a perv you may want to kiss their cheek!

  20. Change the show and make it about the sister wives that got out!!!let them make the money now.Get Kody and Robyn out.I fast-forward when the talk .Can stand them two and their lies !!!

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