Mykelti Padron, Avalon Padron, and Tony Padron from Instagram

’SW’: Avalon Padron Takes Unique Spin On Her New Toy

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Avalon Padron absolutely captured the hearts of her family members when she was born on April 5, 2021. She will be two years old this year and brings so much joy to her parents, Tony and Mykelti Padron.

And now, there are more family members to share the love. Avalon became a big sister last fall! On November 17, Mykelti gave birth to twin sons, Ace and Archer. Avalon reportedly felt a little sad and confused about the newest additions, but it seems like she has adapted well and grown into an amazing older sister.

Tony decided it was time to buy his oldest child a special treat. He brought home a toy that Avalon fell in love with — although not in the way he expected.

Avalon Padron stretches her creative wings with her new toy

Sister Wives fans absolutely love seeing Tony and Mykelti’s children grow up on social media. They’re all still pretty little, but they already have adorable personalities. Followers can’t wait to see who the kids grow up to be.

Mykelti Padron, Ace Padron, Avalon Padron, and Archer Padron from Instagram
Tony Padron/Instagram

Avalon Padron hasn’t turned two years old yet, but she already has a very creative disposition.

“I went to a special local toy store,” Tony captioned his adorable Instagram video. “I got Avalon this toy and rather than ride it. She thought it would be more fun to push mom around haha 😂”

In the video, Mykelti has squeezed herself onto Avalon’s new scooter toy. The little girl is having a blast pushing her mom around as the scooter eventually bumps into the wall. In the comment section, fans went wild. They thought Avalon was adorable and Mykelti was such a good sport for playing along.

“Wait until she puts the baby boys in it 🤣🤣🤣 get their helmets ready! 💙💙💜” one of Tony’s followers wrote on the post.

So cute. ❤️❤️ Avalon is having a blast,” another added. 

What do you think of Tony’s video? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Tony Padron hits the gym with his baby girl

When Sister Wives fans first met Tony Padron, many thought he was just too goofy to ever fit in with the Browns. But either way, he proved that he loved Mykelti endlessly. Years later, he’s now a devoted husband and father.

He recently took little Avalon for her first trip to the gym. Of course, she was way too little to use the equipment. But Tony’s followers really loved seeing him bond with his daughter.

Maybe in a few more years, Avalon will grow to be a star athlete too. Sister Wives fans will just have to keep following the family online to see how all the little ones turn out.

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