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Fans Rebel Against Mykelti Padron Over Defense Of Robyn Brown

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Fans have rebelled against Mykelti Padron after she defended Robyn Brown. This is her father, Kody’s last remaining wife and one that Mykelti is very close to. However, her recent defense of the Sister Wives star did not go over so well, and here’s why.

Fans Rebel Against Mykelti Padron Over Defense Of Robyn Brown

Mykelti Padron has made it clear that she is close with her father’s fourth wife, Robyn. There was a point when the mother of three actually lived with Robyn to help out with her children. They became so close, in fact, that Robyn was Zoomed in for the birth of Mykelti’s first child. She was then there in person for the birth of the twins back in November, posing amicably with Mykelti’s mom, Christine. Admittedly, Robyn and Christine did not have the best relationship when they were both married to Kody. However, Christine put that aside for Mykelti

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Unfortunately, viewers are not that forgiving. In an Instagram post, Mykelti shared that she and her husband, Tony interviewed her brother-in-law, Mitch Thompson. In the comment section, one fan had this to say about Mykelti defending Robyn: “robyn doesn’t like to cry but she is the only one who cries the most. I hate to cry and no one has seen me cry, it’s quite easy to hold it back. why defend her when you can clearly see what she is doing? are you going to watch the conversation one by one? where Roby says that your mother stopped/ruined the relationship with Kody and Mari. that your mother gave her time that she had with kody to robyn. she says that your mother has preached, put on weight, stretch mark and that she does not take care of herself.”

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Yes, Robyn did allude to the other wives, aside from herself, rejecting Kody’s affection. Yet, she noted that he was there for them despite gaining weight and having stretch marks, which was hugely offensive.

A Twisted Relationship?

There was a time when Mykelti Padron did address Kody’s comments about Robyn being the best communicator. She claimed that they all could communicate well when they needed to. Despite Robyn making Christine’s divorce all about her, Mykelti still has some loyalty to her father’s only wife. She does not care for his former first wife, Meri Brown which she has made apparent. Her comments about the B&B owner could have cost her the LuLaRoe job she has. So far, it seems like she is in the clear and is still promoting the company. As for Mykelti ever watching the show, she noted that she and some of her siblings don’t due to editing. So, she will never see what fans see in Robyn.

Do you think it is time Mykelti Padron sees Robyn for who she is or is she stuck with the Robyn that she has always known and loved? Let us know in the comments below.

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