Will Kevin Costner’s Battle With ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Be Resolved Soon?


Yellowstone fans who have been waiting for the rest of Season 5 are plagued with abundant rumors that promise to delay filming for the remainder of the season. There are even threats that this could be the end of the Taylor Sheridan-created series.

It all stems from some issues with the series’ leading star, Kevin Costner. He portrays John Dutton, the patriarch of the series. There has recently been a war of words that has been distressing for fans.

However, one star of the show has their take on the situation. What does Wes Bentley, who portrays Jamie Dutton have to say?

Is the Kevin Costner Situation Threatening The Demise Of Yellowstone?

As Yellowstone fans continue to wait for the second half of Season 5, there has been tension on the set. Paramount has accused Kevin Costner of only being available for one week of filming. Subsequently, Costner’s attorney has accused the network of telling lies.

Now, Wes Bentley is weighing in on what is happening. EW spoke to the actor who portrays the mercurial Jamie Dutton at SCAD TVFest about what is happening behind the scenes.

At first, Bentley basically pleaded the fifth. “The news that’s come out recently about the show is, you know, it’s above my pay grade. Different people making decisions.”

He may play a lawyer in the series, however, he knows how to keep himself out of trouble in real life too!


Is This Kevin Costner Conflict Much To Do About Nothing?

After the Yellowstone star made it clear that he was not privy to any secret knowledge, he seemed to let down his guard and voice his opinion. Best of all, he seems to believe that this is just a rough patch. Moreover, he indicates that this conflict is not unusual. They just need to get over this conflict.

I know that they’re still working on… working things out with everyone, to make sure we shoot. And I’m confident we will. We always have before. I think it’s probably a bit of drama over nothing.

Best of all, Bentley feels “confident” that things will be smoothed out soon. This is a great relief as some of the accusations include a distressed cast.


Will Jamie & Beth Fight To The Death?

Instead of focusing on the Yellowstone off-screen conflict, Wes Bentley wants to focus on the Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie showdown that will happen in the second part of Season 5.

Describing the situation as the “final straw,” he reveals that Beth and Jamie will go head-to-head. Describing it as a “Greek tragedy out in Big Sky country,” there should be a lot of drama. Although he does not know what Taylor Sheridan has in mind, it is obvious to him that they are getting ready for a showdown.

That is when they finally get to filming.

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