‘Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley Shares Marvel Actor Saved His Life


Before Wes Bentley went on to star in the hit Paramount series Yellowstone, he was in the throes of addiction.

Recently, Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton, shared that a Marvel star inspired him to overcome his addiction and get his life back.

Wes Bentley Looks To Marvel Star For Inspiration

Yellowstone’s Wes Bentley recently revealed that a Marvel star’s success at overcoming addiction helped him with his own battle.

On Saturday, Bentley spoke to Page Six to talk about Robert Downey Jr., who overcame a very public battle with his addiction. Bentley had a serious heroin addiction, and it was the Iron Man star that inspired him to get help.

I was in the deepest throes of my addiction and in the worst place and at death’s door, I guess, or at risk of it and I saw him be so bold and brave and open and it saved me.

Wes Bentley got sober and stayed sober since 2009. He also realizes that he can now be a role model for someone else, just as Robert Downey Jr. was for him.

So I thought if I do that too, I can maybe pass that on to somebody else.


Yellowstone Star Got Addicted After Early Hollywood Success

The Yellowstone star became addicted after he starred in American Beauty, in 1999. That was a successful and critically acclaimed movie that put him in the limelight. It also put a wad of cash in his pocket.

The 44-year-old actor revealed that he was not prepared for the money. “I never had money before.” In addition to the sudden fame, and the attention, he was not equipped or prepared to deal with any of this.

Moreover, he just never thought he wouldn’t be “really ready to do good roles until in my 30s and 40s.” He didn’t want it to happen so early, and admits he “wasn’t ready.”

Therefore, before he quit in 2009, he just took on just enough roles to allow him enough money to buy drugs. He also got into trouble with the law.

The Hunger Games star was arrested and pleaded guilty to heroin possession in 2008. Next, he was required to join a 12-step program. But, he failed.

However, in 2009, he met someone who helped him remember the beautiful life he had before his heroin addiction. When he realized that “I want that back,” he succeeded at getting sober.

Thankfully, he cleaned up his act and he was cast in Taylor Sheridan’s hit show.

When Does Yellowstone Season 5 Start?

Yellowstone Season 5 premieres on Sunday, November 13, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Paramount. In addition, this will be a two-hour premiere. That is double the Duttons!

Moreover, Season 5 will be 14 episodes long. That means that there will be two parts, with seven episodes each. This means double the cliffhangers and more of the story of this Montana ranch.

Are you ready for Yellowstone Season 5? Let us know in the comments.



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