Jen Arnold Reveals Special Trip For Will Klein

Jen Arnold- Instagram

The Little Couple cast member, Jen Arnold was very happy this week as she shared a very special video on her social media. While the family is in the car driving, Jen tells fans that it is winter break in Boston. More so, they are on the road to go to visit a very special place for Will’s birthday. Of course, Will couldn’t be more excited about going on this birthday trip. Jen did add that she would be updating her fans with videos from the trip as well. Yet, where did they go? Read on for more details.

The Road Trip Surprise

As Jen was filming the video in the car, her children seemed very happy about being on the road. Will and Zoe were in the backseat with their dog, Maggie. Bill was driving and Jen said that he didn’t want to be on camera. She pointed out that the reason he didn’t want to be on camera was that they were driving on a snowy day. Apparently, there are some storms in the New England area this week and the snow is coming down. As a surprise for Will, they were headed to NYC, which is his favorite place as Jen shared via her Instagram.

Jen Arnold- Instagram
Jen Arnold- Instagram

Jen’s fans were quick to start with their comments about their trip. A lot of her fans said that there was currently no snow in New York City so they would have that to look forward to. Other fans wished Will a very happy birthday and they all wished them safe travels as they drove in the snowstorm. Finally, one added, “Oh my gosh that is grown up so much. I sure do miss seeing you all on the TLC channel but I understand you gotta do what you gotta do but it’s good to hear from you all and to know that you’re well.”

The Future Of The Show

Recently, Jen Arnold shared some news about the future of The Little Couple. Moreover, she took to Instagram to share her new project with her fans. Jen and her family recently moved to Boston so that she could take a new position at Boston Children’s Hospital. She announced that she would be teaming up with other doctors on a podcast. This is yet another way that she can help others raise healthy kids. She mentioned in her post that she knew some fans hadn’t seen them in a while “because we are no longer on The Little Couple.”

Jen Arnold- Instagram
Jen Arnold- Instagram

This was actually one of the first times that fans noticed that she was being so open about not doing the show any longer. The fate of the show has been up in the air for quite some time, but it looks as if this solidified it for fans. The show will be missed and her fans let her know that.

Do you think that The Little Couple should come back to TLC? What did you love most about the show? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Stay here at TV Shows Ace for more of The Little Couple.

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  1. I really missThe Little Couple. I liked seeing the family and their trips together. I liked seeing Jen at work and Bill doing what he does. I just miss them as a family and their anything, everyday living as a family and how they handle with whatever life throws at them.

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