Did Jen Arnold Just Reveal The Fate Of ‘The Little Couple?’

Jen Arnold - Instagram - The Little Couple

Has Jen Arnold just revealed to fans the fate of her family’s TLC show, The Little Couple? Fans have been waiting for an update on the show, but no news has come from the network or the family. Now, in one of her recent videos, Jen might have given fans the answer they’ve been waiting for. What did she say? And why do fans think this might be the true fate of the show? Keep reading for all of the details.

Jen Arnold mentions her family’s show in a new video.

This weekend, Jen shared a new video on Instagram and promoted her latest project. The TLC star is working on a podcast in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital. In the caption of her post, the mom of two said, “I’m excited to host and bring experts in #pediatrics to help you (and me 😉) raise healthy kids. Hope you’ll tune in to Boston Children’s Answers: Kids Health wherever you get your podcasts.”

Jen Arnold - Instagram - The Little Couple
Jen Arnold – Instagram – The Little Couple

You can check out Jen Arnold’s new Instagram video below to get all of the details about the new podcast.

One part of Jen’s video caught fans’ attention. In her video, she said, “For those of you that haven’t seen us in a while because we are no longer on The Little Couple, I hope that if you have kids or you know someone with kids or you’re just a kid at heart like myself, you’ll maybe want to tune in to this new podcast.” 


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The Little Couple fans wonder if the show is officially over.

In the comments section of Jen Arnold’s new post, fans are asking about the fate of the show. This is the first time fans have noticed her saying her family is “no longer on The Little Couple.” In the past, the future of the show has been up in the air. But this seems different, fans think.

One fan commented, “I do have to ask though about your comment, no longer on The Little Couple, please do a post and let us know, if you can, what happened.”

Someone asked, “No longer on the little couple? Do you see yourselves starting the show up again at any point in the future?”

Another one of Jen Arnold’s followers commented, “I am so sad to hear you are no longer doing your show but happy to hear about your podcast.”

Hopefully, Jen will offer some clarification soon, because fans are certainly saddened by her latest statement. Keep an eye out for more details in the near future.

So, do you think this means The Little Couple is officially coming to an end? Or do you think Jen Arnold meant something different? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite TLC shows and stars.

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