‘The Little Couple’ Did Jen Arnold Gift Daughter Zoey A Toilet?

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Jen Arnold uploaded a video of Christmas morning revealing she and her husband Bill pulled a bit of a little prank on Zoey. “Wait for it…..Ok, couldn’t help but share the funniest moment from today,” Jen penned in her video clip as she urged her followers to wait for the funny moment. It is unclear if the prank was intentional or if it just happened to work out that way. But, most agree that didn’t make the moment more or less funny.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold and Bill prank Zoey on Christmas

The Little Couple star took to Instagram yesterday to share a video of her children opening some of their presents on Christmas. In the caption, she explained that she felt compelled to share this hilarious Christmas moment with her 1.1M Instagram followers.

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Little Couple – Instagram

In the video, fans watched as Will, 12, excitedly opened and showed off the Harry Potter LEGO set he received of Diagon Alley from the franchise. The video panned to Zoey who didn’t have the same excited reaction to her present at first.

After ripping off the paper, Zoey, 11, was a bit confused as she looked at the large white box. At first glance, it appeared as if her parents purchased her a children’s toilet. Zoey even asked her parents if they actually got her a toilet.

Jen Arnold and her husband Bill Klein could be heard laughing in the background as the gift did appear to be a toilet. Turns out, however, the box was upside down. Upside down, the photo on the box did look like the outline of a toilet. Turns out, what they actually bought their daughter Zoey was a robot.

Jen Arnold - TLC - Instagram
Jen Arnold – TLC – Instagram

Once Zoey realized that what she got from her parents was not a toilet but the robot she really wanted her mood changed. She could be heard celebrating her gift while her parents continued to chuckle over the initial confusion in the background.

The Little Couple fans react to the video

In less than 24 hours, the video was liked over 52K times and it accumulated just shy of 1K comments. Fans agreed it was a pretty funny moment and they appreciated Jen taking the time to share. Fans also agreed it definitely looked like a toilet in a box at first. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments:

  • “It did look like a toilet.”
  • “Lol for sure I thought it was a toilet. Good one guys.”
  • “I would have thought the same thing”


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Did you think it looked like Jen and Bill got Zoey a toilet for Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on The Little Couple.

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