‘American Idol’ Season 21: Meet Contestant Zachariah Smith

American Idol Season 21 is all set to premiere on ABC and fans are excited to meet some amazing contestants including Zachariah Smith. After a glimpse of his audition was shared on American Idol’s social media, fans have been wondering who he is. So, who is Zachariah Smith, and will he be able to impress the judges? Keep reading to find out the details!

Contestant Zachariah Smith Hails From Mississippi

With Emmy award winner Ryan Seacrest returning as the show’s host, fans are excited to follow some new and fresh voices on a whole new journey. Although Ryan announced the end of his hosting gig at Live with Ryan and Kelly, he will be reprising his long-term gig as the reality show’s host.

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One of the contestants set to appear on the show is Zachariah Smith. He is a loving father, musician, and husband who hails from Amory, Mississippi. Apart from his passion for music, he also works at Bill’s Hamburgers. According to Zachariah, he started singing at the age of six and even mastered the strings of the guitar at the age of eight.

Zachariah Smith Has A Flair For Old School Rock And Roll

Smith is married to Crysta Marie and the couple shares two daughters and a son. The singer also performs gigs in Orlando alongside his wife. He is known for reviving old-school rock and roll numbers. Moreover, his focus is primarily on the ‘60s and ‘80s hit songs and a few country numbers as well.

In a conversation with Monroe Journal, he explained, “I’m mostly focused on my voice and focused on entertaining and being a performer. I think that was the highlight of what started my career.”

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Zachariah Smith further revealed that he had plans to audition for American Idol at the age of 15. However, he realized that he didn’t have enough experience to enter the competition. He waited a few years before auditioning for Season 21 in Nashville before the celebrity judges.

The aspiring artist also explained why this was the best time for him to audition. He said, “I did it because I thought I could have a really good shot of going somewhere with it and coming out with a musical career like I always dreamed of.”

Zachariah Smith Reveals He Was Nervous At The Start

Zachariah also explained how he was nervous at the beginning as he saw 200 to 300 people in the show’s holding room. It made him think about how big the competition was. However, he revealed that “Once I stopped listening to the voices inside my head and got on the horse and started running with it, I started having fun in the process. It inspired me to go in there and do my best in the Nashville audition.”

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Fans can get a glimpse of his magical performance on Instagram before the show’s premiere.

Are you hopeful of Zachariah Smith’s future on American Idol Season 21? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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